Snowy Roads and Little Miracles

I clocked out at 9 pm and braced myself for the drive home in the blizzard like conditions. The wind blew furiously whipping  fluffy snow into the air and glazing the roads in ice.

“Come in 890th. 270th street will probably be drifted pretty bad.” Dad’s text read.” Let me know if you get stuck and I’ll bring the pickup out.”

With a prayer for safety I began the 15 mile drive home. I blasted drifts at 40 mph wondering if there’s a safer and more ‘proper’ speed for doing such things. After one especially hard  drift my car began making a strange noise but I wasn’t stopping as long as the car kept going.

Two and a half miles from home, on a stretch of  icy road in the dark, blowing snow by myself I suddenly felt very lost. I wasn’t recognizing places when I thought I should be passing them and I nearly panicked when I thought of how easily I could  miss the road I wanted. With relief I recognized a neighbor’s place and then the substation and carefully made a left onto 890th St.

One and a half miles to go and I’ll be home! Home! That word never sounded so wonderful before.

“God just help me to see and get home okay. ” I prayed as I started down the badly drifted gravel road.

Whoosh! I hit a tall snowdrift and snow sprayed up onto my windshield. The snow completely covered the passenger’s side then blew off the top corner of my side leaving me a small circle of windshield to see out of. It happened three times and each time I could still see out as right where I was looking remained clear. A miracle.

Thank you, God! 

I never was so glad to be home as I was that night. My car, well I didn’t care anymore. I was home and I’d deal with it the next day. My bumper was still attatched and everything seemed fine at a quick glance.


About a week later I was once again coming home from work in terrible conditions. It wasn’t dark yet but the blowing snow created whiteout conditions and slick roads. I didn’t think our gravel road would be that bad but I was mistaken. The fields were white, the ditches were white, the road was white and all I could see was white blowing snow.

Where was I on the road? How close was I to the ditch? Was someone coming towards me? I had no clue.

” God, I hope no one is coming towards me and just help me to see!” My eyes scanned the road again searching for something to go by. Anything! Then I noticed for the first time a strip of grass bordering the road. I had to focus to see it because as soon as I allowed the streaks on my windshield to become my focus I lost sight of it.

“Focus, Audrey, focus!” I told myself as I more confidently puttered the last mile home taken abruptly by surprise only once or twice as I blasted through drifts I wasn’t prepared for.

Winter is beautiful despite the dangers and challenges it brings. God is real and hears the prayers of his children driving in the dangerous conditions.

I praise Him for the little miracles He performed!








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