Don’t Settle for Garbage


I was thrilled when Logan took my suggestion to write a story for another post. Within several minutes he had the following 2 paragraphs written and ready for editing.

 I believe I was about two when this story took place. One day our German Shephard, Betsy was eating chicken scraps. For some reason I went out to where she was eating and as I went to grab a chicken bone from the garbage, Betsy bit my cheek which resulted in a trip to the ER for stitches. 

Maybe that’s how our life is sometimes. We are so caught up in our job, hobbies, or anything we start pushing God out of our lives and begin reaching for the ‘chicken bones’. Maybe we want to do something more on top of what we are trying to accomplish. Sometimes God will put something in our path like sickness, a car accident , death of a loved one, etc to make us realize we are missing the most important piece of our life, God. 

~Logan -13

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