Good -bye Maryland

Quite a bit has happened over the past couple months and I realize I’ve been pretty quiet on here for a while. I have no excuses so today I bring to you a brief update on my life .

School has been dismissed for the summer five weeks already but I’m going to take us back to the final months and days of the 2017-2018 school term.

April 28, 2018

Because it was my final term teaching these guys, I decided it would be fun to take them to the beach! One gorgeous Saturday a few friends and I took my students to Delaware Seashore State Park for a few hours of cold, wet fun! It was colder than I was expecting it to be but that didn’t keep the children from getting drenched within the first 10 minutes of arriving.



Seeking warmth by getting out of the cool wind.

May 4 

After practicing for several weeks, the students were ready to present the Spring Program!


They did super and I was so proud of them all! It wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the dedication of the music teacher, Meredith Miller, and the A+ effort of the students. After the program  one of my students surprised me by suggesting we do another program again soon. I was glad to hear that their first program to participate in  was fun for them and hope they save their enthusiasm for next terms program!



A few days before school was out the neighbor man, Teddy, stopped by school to give the children a gator ride. They were thrilled about the opportunity but one of the boys made the comment afterwards,” Yeah, it was fun but he drove so slowly.” Teddy has been a great neighbor to the school. No matter what vehicle he was driving he would blow his horn and wave to whoever was outside at the time! Before we knew his name we called him the Dr. Pepper man because he supplied the church families with ample supply of rejected Dr. Pepper that lasted months. It was such a blessing to have nice neighbors near school.

May 29,2018

And before we knew it we were down to our last days. For the students it meant tests, cleaning and a more relaxed schedule. For me it meant report cards, awards, transcripts,  cleaning, taking things off the walls and packing. Thanks to the help of one of the mothers, games were planned for the second to last day of school.




Watermelon was a refreshing snack after the games.

Smithson’s Christian School~2017-2018DSC_1068

I was privileged and so blessed to be the teacher for these 6 first and second graders this past term. And how 2 terms of teaching are already history, I don’t know. Two years ago I was excited and apprehensive at the change and new responsibility looming in front of me as I moved to Maryland and took on the challenge of teaching a (small) classroom full of 5 energetic kiddos. Now looking back over those two years of experience I can say that I am so glad I consented to come to this community on eastern shore Maryland and learn to know and teach these dear children and work with the amazing church families there.  I had come to teach and ended up being taught. The children came to learn and taught without realizing it. Yes, there were those days of frustrations and discouragement ( also the most learning days for me) but God was faithful and it’s the good days that I recall with fondness. Saying ‘Good-bye’ was hard knowing I won’t be back in September as their teacher but I know they’ll be in great hands and I know where to find them when I want to see them again 🙂


*Another school term in the books*paperwork and organizing completed *classroom walls bare and white* the room too silent and echoing …. It was with mixed emotions that I closed the door for the final time; the close of this chapter of my life.

I needed to get home and finish packing for my move back to the flat country of Minnesota. Thursday ,the day after school was dismissed for summer break , my brother Austin and boyfriend Roderick flew in so they could make the drive home with me . We spent Thursday touring the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.  and afterwards walked to the Capitol Building several blocks from the museum.


Austin and I on the steps leading to the Capitol Building.         ( photo credits: Roderick Wenger)

Friday we spent most of the day by the water. I mean, how can you be so close to the ocean and not go see it?


A tower used in WWII    ( photo credits: Austin)


We were delighted to spot Porpoises near the beach.  (photo credits: Roderick)



We ran across real live horseshoe crabs and nabbed them right out of the water for a closer look.

We took a relaxing cruise on the  Lewes/ Cape May ferry from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey Friday afternoon. We had about an hour to spare afterwards before we needed to head back to MD so we stopped at a different beach where we found the waters infested with horseshoe crabs. It was mating season for them and they were buried in the sand just yards from shore since they come to shore at night to lay their seed-like eggs on the sand. I was told by a fellow beach goer that you could pick them up by the front of their shell and the little tail was just that, a tail . ( I was afraid it was a stinger. Goes to show how much I know about the beach and its creatures.) So that’s what we did! We dug them from the sand, brought them to fresh air, observed these interesting creatures, then put them back in the water to watch them charge towards shore or someone in the water and burrow again into the sand further out in the water.

A stop at Vanderwendes for ice cream was a perfect way to  top off our afternoon. That evening we went to family night with the church folk and played a good game of kickball. Farewells were said this time with a sense of finality that wasn’t there last spring.

We went to my apartment where Roderick expertly packed my stuff into the car trunk. Towels, dresses, and shoes were stuffed in the random spaces between the boxes so we’d have room for everything. Amazingly he was able to fit everything in leaving a small corner in the back seat for the third person to ride. Feeling awake, the guys decided to strike out at 11pm instead of early the next morning. We drove through the night and got home around 5:30 Saturday evening. We had good travels and Roderick and Austin did an awesome job at putting many hours behind the wheel to get us home.

I’m home a month now and feel like I am settled in. It’s been great to be home but I’m greatly anticipating a trip to MD again, hopefully sooner than later!