Have You Met the Author?

” Oh, I love her books,” gushed Alice , an obvious lover of the Karen Kingsbury books , ” Someday I would love to meet her in person and get her to sign all 53 of my books. Have you read any of her books? ”

I had ambled into a Barnes and Noble Bookstore in search of the perfect devotional book for a friend and had innocently bumped into a very talkative , Karen Kingsbury fan named Alice. The question was directed at me and fortunately I was somewhat familiar with Karen Kingsbury although I had never read any of her books. ( What if she had asked about a popular , secular author? She would have lost me completely.) Back to the question.

“No, I haven’t ,” I replied ,” but I’ve heard of them before. ” And for the sake of conversation I asked,” Are they good books?”

Dumb question, I told myself. No one would own 53 books from one author and be buying a stack of at least 10 more if they didn’t like her books.

” Oh, yes!” Alice replied enthusiastically . ” You must read ‘ Angels Walking’ . It is such a GOOOD story! (then the dreaded question) What kind of books do you read?”

I say ‘dreaded’ because I’m a woman whose reading spectrum is small and well…. not very diverse. Would she understand? Her’s didn’t seem very diverse either, so just maybe she would…

I smiled and replied, ” Well, I enjoy reading practical ,realistic, and nonfiction books . Theology, Logic, Mystery , or Romance novels do not fall under that category . They neverĀ  appealed to me that much.”

Alice was nodding. Her friendly smile hid any hint of criticism or surprise that she may have felt. “That’s nice! ” came her reply, ” But when you are ready for a good novel-with a little romance , I might add- Karen Kingsbury has a wonderful selection. You really should read at least one of hers! Here, this is another good one,” she said, shoving Oceans Apart into my hands.

“Okay, I’ll have to remember that ,” I told her smiling politely while already beginning to wonder if this book was worth the $10.

“Oh,dear!” she exclaimed a second later, glancing at her watch. ” I must be going! My husband won’t be getting any happier waiting a minute longer. It was nice talking with you! ” She flashed me a smile as she expertly balanced the stack of books in her arms and began to make her way to the front of the store. She had told me earlier that she wasn’t going to need a basket to carry her books. I wondered about that. That stack of 10 ( or was it 15?) Karen Kingsbury books were impairing her vision ever so slightly as she navigated her way to the checkout.

“Happy reading!” I called to the retreating figure.

“Wow! I don’t know that I’ve EVER seen someone so crazy over a certain author before ,” I mused as I finished my shopping . ” Quite persuasive too” I added wryly as Oceans Apart joined Ann Voskamp’sĀ  One Thousand Gifts Devotional on the checkout counter.

The morning’s encounter couldn’t be easily dismissed and as I drove home my mind wandered to the Sunday School lesson I had been studying earlier this week. The lesson was taken from Psalm 19 and the familiar lines of the first three verses began to play through my head. ” The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech , and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.”

How can someone gaze into the starry heavens and not believe that there’s a God? Or how can someone sit on the beach with the waves crashing and breaking on shore and not think of One Powerful Being who created the ocean’s depth , power, and beauty? Would not watching a glorious sunrise over eastern mountains put a person in complete awe of the Creator of days, of life? What about the breath-taking views in every part of the world?

“Chance,” they say. “Ever hear of the Big Bang Theory?”

My heart grieves for those souls, blinded by the devils lies, shrouded in the darkness of sin and folly. You see, I know the Creator of the spectacular heavens and the beautiful earth. I know the Author of the Book of Life . I know the Creator of ALL life. But praise be to God that it doesn’t stop there! I KNOW Him personally, as a dear friend with Whom I can talk to and have a relationship with. My love for Him grows more and more as I consider the high price it cost Him to write my name in the Book of Life with His very blood, the blood shed to give Life, to give eternal life for me, for you, for the entire world.

Have you met the Author of Life? Has He signed your life with crimson ink? Do you have a personal relationship with this Author or are you content to just know of Him?

His pen is poised , ready to change your life with His Life-giving Signature. You need only come to Him with your life. Don’t hesitate! He is an Author that scripts beautiful stories from every life open to His Name and changing Power!


***disclaimer*** Ironically , this story is fictional. I did not meet an ‘ Alice’ and I have actually never read any of Karen Kingsbury’s books. I wrote the story to make a point and not to slam Karen Kingsbury or her fans. I’m not encouraging or discouraging anyone to read her books.