The Hidden Talents


Hiding your talent is like taking God’s special gift to you , burying it under excuses or fear and saying, ” I’m really not very good at it so why even bother.”


The tiny chapel was empty except for the young lady seated at the piano and her sister paging through a songbook nearby. Beautiful music filled the small room, drawing me in. I listened intently as I watched her fingers skillfully dance over the keys and was amazed at the talent she exemplified. It wasn’t long until 5 more people entered the room, also drawn in by the music. Song completed, the pianist paused and hesitated.

” I don’t know if I want to play with so many people around,” she said , grinning  self-consciously .

“It’s like burying the talent God gave you!” declared one in the audience; a man passionate about music and skillful at the piano. ” Keep playing!”

So,the young lady turned back to the piano and resumed her playing.


Have you ever viewed your talent as a way of serving others?

I had to laugh yesterday as I read the captivating letter from my cousin. She has a talent for writing and can change any normal activity into an interesting and hilarious account!  I was blessed by a talent in use.

Photography is another gift that several of my friends have. They use this gift to capture special moments for people or to magnify the little, unassuming beauties of everyday life. The beautiful pictures that flood the internet and adorn our walls are the product of photographers using their talents to bless others.

Leadership is another gift that is a major blessing to society. Imagine if the born or appointed leaders of our churches, youth groups, or businesses would bury their talent. Now think of the leaders in your life and acknowledge their God-given gift with appreciation and pray for them because leading can be scary and they’ll  need the Giver-of-Gifts to explain the different aspects of their job and give them courage to continue on.

Music has a way of reaching the soul that nothing else can. God has gifted many people with the ability to sing and play well and He intends for you to use this gift to minister to others and bring glory to Him.

Some people are talented socialists and can be a blessing to others in their conversations and the way they make people feel.

There are those who are great with children and make wonderful babysitters, teachers, nurses, and parents.

What about the people that decorate their home in a way that makes it feel warm and inviting? Is that not a talent?

*Mechanics * Carpenters *Organizers *Artists *Managers *Song leaders *Farmers

Are these not talents to be used for God’s glory? This is just a few in the wide panorama of talents.

Sadly, however;  many people in the world today are too proud or afraid to use the gift God gave them.  Are you using your talent to its full potential or have you buried it under the lie that it’s not good enough to be used, seen, or enjoyed by others?

Will you be a person to see and encourage the talents in others  or will you help them bury it by derision and jealousy?

Look around you! There are gifts that need dusting off and polishing and maybe you can be the one to assist in the shining of that gold. You may need to keep on that person’s case until you see them pick up the tools and resurrect the talent you saw in them, because it can be scary and they need to know that someone believes in them.

If you are still searching for your talent ask someone who you know will give you an honest answer . Often other people can see something in us that we can’t see in ourselves.

Do ALL to the Glory of God!

I invite your comments! Was there ever a time in your life that you were blessed by someone who used their talent?  Is there a talent that you see that often gets overlooked ? Have you ever used your talent to bless someone else?



Find it

and  USE IT!

( with absolutely NO excuses)