Go With God

Go.with.God.  Just three simple words which hold a significant amount of weight.

(You) go with Him,and He will lead. This is the path He has mapped for you but the choice is really yours whether or not you’ll go with Him.

Go with God? Yes! But where will He take me? I cannot answer this question for only He knows the way. I can tell you this though. You’ll go through some dark valleys and fiery trials, but remember that you are going with God. He’s not waiting for you on the other side but is with you in the thick of it. He may be testing you or maybe He has a lesson to teach you. He loves you and will never leave you.   He may lead you on sun-strewn paths and cool, shady avenues . It will be easy and enjoyable for a time. Again, remember that you are going with God no matter the landscape or layout of the land.
God won’t force you to continue with Him if you choose not to . He gives you the freedom to go your own way but please consider the cost before you make that decision. Your journey will become dark and very lonely. You might think you know quite well where you’re going and how to navigate there but honestly, how do you expect to arrive safely there (where, anyway?) with no light ? Afterall, God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all.

I’d very strongly encourage (plead with you ) to stay with God. The journey may not always be pleasant , comfortable,or easy but with God you have nothing to fear. He’ll keep you company and give you the strength you need to continue on when you feel weak and exhausted. You’ll be warmed by the rays of His love and His light will illuminate your path. The greatest blessing of traveling with God is the close relationship you can share with Him. However, that relationship doesn’t happen automatically or effortlessly. There will be many distractions and temptations along the way but when you can finally learn to ignore them , only then can your relationship with your Guide grow deeper. Unfortunately , way too often people allow those distractions to be distracting and they miss the great blessing of really knowing God.

Don’t let that be you.

Face your Guide as you journey . It won’t be long until you realize that the temptations and distractions hold nothing in comparison to what God has to offer.

                                  * Go With God.*

                                 //Stay With God.//

The Spam Museum

Friday was a lovely day; perfect for touring the air -conditioned Spam Museum in Austin.

I found 5 cousins and 3  younger friends to go with me.Actually, it was a form of glorified babysitting; you know, where the majority of the children are older and do well at entertaining themselves and all that and all I needed to do was be there as an adult figure!

The Spam museum had a corner where children could practice their culinary skills and “cook” up luscious looking meals to be served to any willing diner at the “outdoor” picnic tables. The apron and hat made the experience all the more authentic for the chefs!Hours of play could have been spent in that corner.

Then we went to the packing room where we could can spam. With a press of the start button the race was on to see how quickly you could get the spam canned from start to finish. Once completed, it told you how many cans were canned at the factory in the time you canned one.

Daric, Rylan, and Kaitlyn posing with Spam!

We were offered spam samples three times in the 1.75 hours we were there. The first cube on a pretzel stick was delicious, the 2nd -a different flavor-was really good, but the 3rd cube was just good . By now, it was without a doubt that spam, as delicious as it might be to some, is loaded with sodium that it doesn’t strike everyone’s fancy. On our way back home again we were talking about the samples we tasted and Rylan said, ” I kinda hid when he came” meaning he was conveniently playing on the play equipment when the guy offered us samples the third time.

I took the tribe to my place for  lunch and the afternoon. It was a gorgeous 80*+ day and they spent about 2-3 hours in the pool.

Annie was very pleased to help me pick asparagus and rhubarb as long as Penny , the dog, kept her distance.

“I was a good help, right?” she asked .

“Yes, you definitely were,” I replied with a smile. It was so much fun to have a little helper.

There was no more asparagus or rhubarb to be picked when Heidi was ready to help with something so she helped me wash the asparagus and stack the rhubarb.

The little girls also helped me gather the eggs and feed watermelon rinds to the pigs and chickens.

What can I say? I loved my day  ( and was even crowned the Worlds Best Babysitter! lol) The  museum and pool provided entertainment for the majority of the day and when they were done swimming they had energy only to eat fruit slush and watermelon on the comforts of the sofa ( or around the kitchen counter).


When you have the opportunity or are passing through Austin Mn stop at the Spam Museum and learn the history of spam and Hormel Foods, taste spam, (get a drink), allow your children to cook for you, taste more spam maybe , (get another drink) ,and see how fast you can package a can of spam. Before you leave , have another spam sample and a drink. Maybe we could meet up for coffee at the Coffee House on Main across the street before you leave.Maybe too you will find that you just love spam and will wish for more samples.If that’s the case, you will be relieved to discover that you can buy a can of specialty spam in the gift shop.