Notice the Glitter

“Look! There’s glitter on the road!” the little lady beside me exclaimed.

I looked down and sure enough, we were walking on a path of glitter.

The youth had been playing tennis at a nearby park and were walking back to the host’s place for the rest of the evening. This little lady and I were walking together and chatting while mostly everyone else was ahead of us and out of sight.

It was getting dark as we made our way through the back streets of Greensboro. We were walking a paved back street bordered with bushes and several street lights to illuminate our path. The sand pieces in the macadam reflected the light and made it look as if we were walking on a glitter-strewn path.

Would I have even noticed the glitter had it not been brought to my attention? Would I have been too wrapped up in my own little world and totally missed the simple beauty of  a dazzling pathway that dark evening?

It often takes the little ones to remind us to look for the little beautiful things of everyday life.  Could there be a practical life application or two here with this simple observation?

We were on a path and we’ll call that the Path of Life. The sky was dark symbolizing the darkness of this world ;however, we could still easily navigate our way by the light from the street lights -God’s Light and guidance in our life. (“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path “. Psalm 119:105) The macadam represents our life’s journey. Its roughness depicts the difficulties, disappointments, challenges, grief, and hard times of life. But when the light of God’s love, mercy, and grace penetrates our path we can notice the glitters of blessings, comfort , strength , and joy He spreads on our way.

It’s my prayer that you would not despair but that you would look for the glitter God is revealing to you in the midst of  whatever situation you may find yourself in. He is Faithful and will give you just what you need for today!

Take heart, dear person, God is still in control and He cares deeply for you and the things you face!