How Big is Your God?

“God is bigger than the trees and the school! He’s so big He can reach up into the sky!” This is a first graders view of how big God is . There was a little disagreement amongst my little people as to how big God actually is so they turned to me to answer that question. I tried to explain that God actually isn’t a size like we see it. He is big in that what He controls the world.

How big is your God? Is He too big for your small , seemingly insignificant problems or  maybe you view Him as too “little” and incapable to handling the big things in your life. God CANNOT be limited so don’t try to deceive yourself into thinking that He doesn’t care about the lost keys or the bigger things in your life that seem so overwhelming. He really cares about you and wants you to bring everything to Him no matter how small or great it may be.

I have been able to experience God in a new way recently and take such joy getting to know Him and His way better. He cares about the littlest details of my life and speaks to me through His Word as well as through my amazing mother and friends. God is so good (and big) and I thank Him and praise Him for that! I have complete confidence that He is big enough to take me through life no matter what I may face. 🙂 Do you feel the same way about your relationship with God?


“God is here with us!” declares a first grader during lunchtime.

I love when the discussion turns to God because it’s so interesting hearing their view of Him.

“Yeah! He’s right here in this room even though we can’t see him!” says another with a smile of awe on her face.

” He can even see through us! He can see our hearts!” interjects a third.

That last statement.  So simple but saturated with truth. The  young man who said it meant it literally like an x-ray and I smiled but the pure truth of that simple statement grabbed me.  Yes, our hearts and lives are transparent to the eyes of God . We can hide nothing from Him no matter how hard we may try.He sees the beautiful as well as the ugly. He sees when we become two faced; seeking a closer relationship with Him while at the same time not being willing to take care of the dirty, ugly things in our life.

God knows our heart and our heart’s motives way better than we do . He sees the dirt spots and it grieves Him when we aren’t willing to get them cleaned up. However, when we ask Him in sincerity and humility to wash us clean again, He is more than willing and ready. What an awesome and forgiving God we serve. One Who is full of mercy and grace ever ready to deep clean our lives when we are ready.

Are you trying to hold something back from God? Maybe you think you are doing a good job at hiding something from those around you ,but remember that nothing can be hid from our Creator and Saviour. He is ready and waiting for you to turn to Him for a whole heart cleansing . The “cleaners” might burn a little but the result will be so worth it!

I hope you can echo David’s words with me in Psalms 52:10 &12,” Create in me a clean heart , oh God; and renew the right spirit within me.  Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation ; and uphold me with thy free spirit .”

Remember: “God can see through us! He can see our hearts!”