The Buried Treasure

It was a week before Christmas and I still needed to get a prop for our school Christmas program so that  rainy but pleasant Saturday afternoon,I got out of our small apartment and hunted up a Goodwill in the nearby town of Easton in hopes of acquiring the needed baskets for the program.

I found 2 baskets that would do the job perfectly and then browsed through the sweaters for a little while. Finding six, I made my way to the other side of the store  and waited patiently in line for my turn to use the fitting room.

It was taking the people awhile so I had time to take in my surroundings , although it was nothing fabulous or grand.

Over the intercom I hear, ” Manager to the front please. We need change for a $20 and a $40.” An elderly man grins and asks me in a disbelieving tone ,” Did they just say they needed a $40 bill?”.

I’m still standing by my cart of sweaters waiting…. I am made aware of the ridiculous music playing and become annoyed at the shallow song. It was about a guy that kept eating his wife’s Christmas cookies before she could frost them….etc.which had nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas. Seriously, Christmas isn’t about the cookies, decorations, gifts, or parties altho there is much of that during this season. Without Christ’s lowly birth , there would be no Christmas. I try to tune out the song.

By now another lady has joined me in waiting for the fitting room. Ahead of me, slightly to my right is a cart full to overflowing of old books. It doesn’t interest me one bit to go through them. It looks too overwhelming and dare I say, boring?! Besides, I’m waiting in line for the fitting room.

My gaze happened to once again land on that  cart ladened with old books. This time however, I noticed a white,medium-sized book down in the corner. It was under many books but the cover was facing toward me and I could read the title. It said “Holy Bible”.  Here in the dirty, Easton Goodwill ,under many old books, some quite likely trash, was the Word of God. Out of all the numerous books in the cart , there was one Living Book. How many people knew what a change that small, white book could make on a person’s life? How many people knew the power of that Book? Will someone find that book and take the time to dig it out and read it?

Finally my turn came to use the fitting room and I left that Book there. However, it hasn’t left my memory. Should I have rescued it? What are your thoughts?  What would you have done?

People in other countries are begging and praying for Bibles and here in America  where we have freedom of religion and easy access to Bibles , they are tossed carelessly into the bottom of  old carts in Goodwills or are laid on coffee tables and night stands to be dusted off once in a while. Is the Bible precious to you? Or is it just a good Book to be read daily or at least weekly to maintain your spirituality? I fear I take my Bible too much for-granted but I am very grateful for the privilege I have to own one . One I can personalize by highlighting and marking verses in it. One that is Real and Living!

What is your Bible to you?

Fall Leaves and Thanksgiving Vacation

I bring to you a quick update of my life and a few pictures!



A lot of leaves were blown into the school yard one windy day so for lunch break the students raked up a giant pile and played in it for a while. There were dust and leaves everywhere and it seemed that it had to be a bit uncomfortable 🙂


The day before Thanksgiving vacation, my students and I made 6 hygiene kits and 7 school kits for CAM. They had fun and I did to once all the kits were successfully assembled:) The mothers supplied the kit(s) for their child so that made it a little less work for me.


I went to NY to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family. It was great to take a trip again and I had an enjoyable weekend.

Thursday night 2 of my cousins and a friend did some Black Friday shopping but didn’t go for more than 2 hours and that was okay. I’m not a big shopper anyway:)

On Friday, I went out to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast with a Bible School friend . It was great to catch up on each others lives again.  Friday afternoon I went to one of my aunts place where the other aunts and cousins came to make homemade candies.



The little boys wanted to help to but they were also our voluntary taste testers 🙂

I enjoyed helping dip the candies and also to be with cousins and aunts again! I was so happy to finally be able to meet my cousin’s baby for the first time:)

Sunday afternoon, after lunch with the Zeisets, my friend (from Pa) and I headed back south again. It was a great weekend full of fun, shopping, hanging out with friends and cousins, going out to lunch and shopping with Grandma and the girl cousins, and then taking my cousin to the Bubble Tea Café in Geneva. Actually it was Katrina’s idea to go to the Bubble Tea Café but since she is only 13 and can’t drive I took us and her little brother! It was a lot of fun and I’m glad we were able to do that.  I got home again 10:30 Sunday night and got back into school again Monday morning.



I miss these “little” tea partiers and can’t wait to see them in 2 weeks!!!

Christmas is coming and I’m going home to visit!!!