A Picture Update

I am making this post a post of pictures. I haven’t posted many pictures due to the inconvenience of it so this post will be mostly pictures. They aren’t all the most recent.


Gavin entertaining himself by writing his numbers:)


I had an ant farm at school for about 3 weeks before they seemingly died off prematurely:(  or was is lack of proper care ?? :/


One warm afternoon I took a stack of books and we spent several minutes looking at books! It was fun to see their excitement and interest in the animals etc.


About a month ago we went on a field trip. Here is the Smithson’s Mennonite School. This week two more students joined Miss Deidra’s classroom so there is a total of 16 students now.


My students checking out a box turtle.


Hmm…. which way does the trail go?


Bald Cypress Trees


And sometimes I “retire” early and bring my books home to check.


Slater was learning fractions in Math so I brought bread and had him cut slices into fourths,halves, and thirds. Afterwards we all enjoyed a little snack of peanut butter and honey bread:)


Not too long ago a Gaga Pit got installed. They didn’t wait till the carpet was in to play but played in the clouds of dust!


2 rakes + 5 children =taking turns


One of the ladies from church made and decorated cookies with the 1-4th graders for art class.  It definitely was a hit with the children:)



And then they get to taste them! Yum!


Until next time!

~Miss Audrey



School, Friends, and Maryland

Can it really be that this finds us in November already? Time is moving on and moving very quickly!

This past week marked the end of the first quarter! Can it be that I’ve been living here 9 weeks already? Can it really be that 9 weeks ago I was imaging what it would be like to be 40 days into school? Overall everything has been going really great and I’m so thankful for that.

Two weeks ago our school went on a field trip to Trapp Pond State Park over in Delaware. It was a lovely 80* day which made perfect weather for a picnic, a boat ride, and hiking. Actually, due to recent ,heavy rains, hiking near the water was like walking into a mosquito bog and thus not very enjoyable. On the boat ride, we were able to spot Painted and Red Bellied turtles, Great Blue Heron,a beaver dam and Bald Cypress trees. The Cypress trees were pretty cool because they grew right out of the water. The day was enjoyable but also exhausting, especially for the teachers and chaporones  . Everyone enjoyed the break from the classroom and studies.


The third weekend of October  I had 4 friends from NY come down for a short visit. Did you ever feel like you were company in your own house? Well, these girls gave me that experience and I wasn’t sure how I should feel about it. Lol! While I was in school on Friday they gave the house a deep cleaning and did their own cooking. They came to visit school in the afternoon and I was happy to introduce them to my students!:)  After school we took advantage of the gorgeous day and went to Saint Michaels to the Maritime Museum where we spent an hour and a half touring the buildings and enjoying the view of the bay. We weren’t able to cover everything in that time but it was interesting what we were able to see. We concluded our afternoon/evening with a stop at Pizza Hut!  The following weekend my friend Amanda from Pa was down for a visit. Friday evening around 8, we went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping! Saturday afternoon we went over to Laurel Delaware to visit Dutch Country Market where they were making apple butter “the old-fashioned way” . They also served homemade ice cream and fresh doughnuts. Across the parking lot from the market is Dutch Country Heirloom Furniture (http://dutchcountryfurniture.com) where they sell lovely plaques, furniture and other beautiful things. Before we left,  Amanda and I enjoyed a Latte with the cool design on top from the little coffee shop in a corner of the market. When we got home Amanda finished sewing a dress for me:) (what an awesome girl !)

I’ve had the privilege to go crabbing a few weeks ago. it was a gorgeous “summer” day and straightway after school one Wednesday afternoon Mark & Charlotte and their 14 yr old son Delvin, took Deidra and I to the Wye River to catch some crabs. It was just a beautiful day to be out and we were able to catch nearly 1/2 a bushel of snapping, blue crabs. I loved it and almost thought I found my summer job. 😉


Towards evening as the sun began to sink in the west we were able to witness a magnificent sunset. It was such a lovely sight but it only got lovelier as fish began jumping! Delvin and I grabbed fishing lines and began fishing. We caught a few perch, a small striper and maybe a sunny or two but nothing big enough to keep.  I was also taken striper fishing out on the Chesapeake Bay but that wasn’t too successful unfortunately. One beautiful 22″ striper was pulled in but not on my line. We were trolling so it didn’t feel like I was actually fishing and I guess I wasn’t but that’s okay. The evening was lovely altho a bit chilly.


Did I ever mention that this area of Maryland is beautiful? I love this area with its many acres of farmland and the golden ,brown color of autumn and harvest activity. Now of course it isn’t as sprawling as the Midwest and the equipment maybe not as big but it’s enough for me to feel a little more at home.  The trees were at their peak last week and the vivid colors were astounding!



Only from the mouth of little ones:

*What if our desks were so clean that the teacher wouldn’t put a prize in it? I do random desk check so they try to keep their desks neat.

*My mom has a dress like that but it doesn’t have the colors in the stripes and it doesn’t have a tail. (meaning belt)

* I wish my name was Sam.

*Say ,” My mom makes me sing in the choir .”

Child:” My mom makes me sing in the wire .”

( we were practicing the play for our program)