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When was the last time you prayed ?

What was the last thing you prayed for or about?

In your own words what is prayer and what does it mean to you?

My friend and I were talking recently and we both felt the same way about the same thing. It was something we didn’t like and we wanted to see a change. But as we talked , it  just looked  impossible that we’d see change. Then during the same conversation, while sitting on the swing it suddenly dawned on me ,” Why not pray about it ?”


Of course! With God it IS possible, but let it up to me alone and No, it won’t happen  and it IS impossible.

Okay! Good ! Now we got that figured out. We’ll both start praying about it and leave it all in God’s Hands. That easy? Unfortunately not.

But why not? Is our God not big enough? Don’t we believe He can actually work in people’s lives? Do we trust too much in ourselves? Or maybe it’s that we just don’t take the time to ask Him ? Or if we do ask, it’s once or twice and if we didn’t see a change we think we probably never will?


I know for myself, it’s so easy to see the situation and the problems and just think ” Well, that’s just how it is. Hopefully it gets better or changes soon.”

That is wrong! We have access to a very Powerful Someone. Why do we so often “forget” or underestimate that power?  And maybe that’s just me.

With GOD there is power!!Power to see and experience change!  Let’s NEVER forget that! He wants us to bring our requests, no matter how small or great to Him so He can work! Yes, He knows the whole situation but HE still wants us to bring it to Him.

I am going to pray! Will you join me?

What is it in your life that needs some God attention?

Bring it to Him daily and let Him work in your life, situations, or problems!

Pray and EXPECT  change!


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Meet My Students!

It is a good report that I bring unto you! God is faithful and things just keep getting better as the weeks progress. A good report that gives you just a glimpse at what is exciting,challenging,exhausting,and so much fun in my life right now!

I am enjoying my job and independence and have not been plagued by homesickness yet! Altho as they are harvesting here in the area I wish so badly I could spend a Saturday in the tractor again. I knew that was going to happen so I have just accepted it and watch it happen around me and end up getting more things done on Saturdays(maybe) 😉

Please allow me to introduce my little “tribe” of eager learners !


To my left is Slater Bergey ~ my Second grader ;To my right is Gavin Stauffer who is in First grade with the other 3. Next to Gavin is Riley Sensenig and Ashton Bergey Then there is Kierra Good ,the only girl in her class.

We are having a fun and educational time together 5 days a week!From a teacher’s perspective I think it’s okay to say not every minute of it is completely fun but overall,like maybe 95-98% of it is! Often by 3pm I’m about beat but then after a good nights rest, I’m ready to see these smiling faces once more!


Yay! It’s FRIDAY!


Can you guess what letter first grade learned today? F is for footprint!


The first couple weeks of school were tough to find things for first grade to do since they finish their work during class time. I was so glad Riley occupied himself with making (many) crowns.:)


I sent first grade out in the hall to make words with these letters and it worked for a little bit, but soon they were getting noisy and had to come back in! Something like that works better for just one person to do at his desk.

On Wednesday first grade learned the letter “P” so I brought pancakes and peanut butter and we had a Pancake Party! They enjoyed that and afterwards one of them said,” I know! My mom could put pancakes in my lunch and I could eat them at lunchtime!” 🙂


I sent Slater to the blackboard to write his spelling words. After writing several words he drew an elephant. I reminded him to stick to his work and resumed my class with first grade. When I checked on Slater again I nearly burst out laughing! Do you notice the elephant has the spelling list in his trunk?


“Good job , everyone! Now it’s time to read your word lists!” (or was it break time? I don’t remember)


We had a minor confrontation today but it was settled peacefully when we tacked the farmer to the “F” train car and the pig to the “P” train car.


I don’t know when I’ll post again, it’s not as often as I’d like to, but I’ll try to keep you updated atleast once a month! But ideally, you could visit my tiny classroom and meet these lively,brainy youngsters in person! I know it’s not possible or convenient for all of you but the invitation still stands open!