Miss Audrey

It has been a little while since I last wrote but as you may have guessed, life has been just a little bit crazy ~ in a good way ~ for me 🙂

A week ago I was madly tacking decor on my classroom walls and getting things ready for the first day of school. I’m glad that’s all behind me now.  It dawned on me  the other day (while trying to manage a classroom) that decorating  was the easy part!


Smithson’s Mennonite School and Smithson Chapel



My mind was spinning with things I needed to do yet and I was a little apprehensive for the first day of school so I didn’t sleep too well. I was up early Tuesday morning trying to finish last minute preparations and reviewing the lessons for the day.

At 8 a.m. Deidra and welcomed  students for the first day of school of a new term. It’s in a new building, with 2 new teachers (it’s both our first year of teaching), as well as a few new students which will make for changes and adjustments for all of us. But that’s okay!

*It’s going to be a good term.*

The first days are behind us and I reassure myself it IS going to get better. Overall the week went good. I’m looking forward to the days when my students know what is expected of them . They’ve never been students in a school before and their ages are 5,6, and 7. I’m extending grace these first weeks and remind them (constantly?) to raise their hand, sit still and quietly, no whispering (or whistling), and to please walk out of the classroom. It has improved somewhat by the end of the week but I was told it takes about 3 weeks for first graders to get into the routine of school. With that in mind, it looks as if we’ve go two more weeks to go to get things down pat. 🙂




Allow me to tell you a little about those who call me Miss Audrey.

* 1/5th of my students are in 2nd grade and the remaining 4/5ths are in first grade.

*80% are boys and 20% are girls.

* 1/5 of my students are left-handed like myself😊

“Can anyone tell me what the sum of an addition fact is?” I asked my first graders.

“Is it like something?” questioned a small lad, remembering the word  SOME they had learned yesterday.( also the day they had learned what sum was.)

It’s got to be a little tough for these small people to learn so many new facts,letters, words, and numbers in such rapid succession . That’s what the teachers for ! To help make it easier for them 🙂


From my hiding place beside the large AC unit I hear someone say,” Where’s Audrey? Audrey’s the only one who isn’t caught.”

It’s break time and we are playing Hide and Seek and I’m the only one still in hiding. “It’s Miss Audrey ,” I tell myself ,” I’m going to have to remind them .”

A different game -Kick the Can-at a different break after I gently reminded them to call me Miss Audrey…..

“Miss!”shouted the itter as he raced to the ball to say my name.

I smiled as I considered myself caught. He did get the Miss part correct!😊

Another incident during the same game but  with different itter .

“What’s your name?”he quickly asked as I slowly advanced towards the ball, giving him time to remember my name.

“Miss Aud…” I started to say but was quickly interrupted .

“Yeah! Audrey !” He said with a relieved smile as he called my name and got me out.

Eventually they’ll all get my full name right and I’ll be Miss Audrey to them!😄

Thank you all for your prayers! I really appreciate them and have come to realize that I need Gods strength and wisdom in a new way for every day. He has proved Himself true and real several times already and I praise Him for that!