Summer Solstice

“Thank -you, Lord for blessing us with another lovely, summer day. Your mercies are new every morning and Your love never fails. Thank- you , Father for being faithful every day, year,and season. Remind me not to take these beauties of summer for -granted but that I would thank you and praise You for each day no matter the circumstances.”

Yesterday, June 21 was the ‘summer solstice’ when the sun was at its highest peak at noon and the first official day of summer. I LOVE summer! I LOVE the beautiful flowers, the lovely , warm days , the garden, going barefoot, eating (lots) of ice cream, camping,the awesome thunderstorms, doing hay….. the list goes on. I just love summer.

I will share with you a few  evidences of summer in Minnesota!


  Gorgeous flowers and an awesome ,stormy sky!


One warm afternoon, we baled hay. It was fun to ride on the wagon as we baled but less fun to stack the bales in the stifling,breezeless shop.We got all 500+ bales in before the rain that night thanks to Kerek, Austin, and Logan’s hard work. Mom and I helped to but we didn’t work quite as hard as the boys!


Amber and I worked at mulching the watermelon patch with grass clippings one afternoon. We were both lacking energy and didn’t get very far 😦



What’s your favorite thing about summer?



Send Me

This past fall, while being the grain cart operator, I had time to write; hence, this article. I was impressed by Isaiah’s quick response to God’s call and tried to put myself in his sandals as I wrote. You can read the full and actual account in Isaiah 6.

Here Am I

I heard His voice, gentle and pleading,” Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”

On impulse I replied,” Lord, here I am! Send me.” But as those words left my lips I wished I could call them back and consider the calling before offering myself. Where was God going to send me? What’s going to happen? Just what am I getting myself into?

My doubting thoughts were interrupted by the calm voice of the Lord. He was giving me my assignment. There was no time to back out now. “Go and tell these people Who I am and the message I have for them.”

“How long, Lord?” I ask in a quivering voice. The distance was a great way from home in  a strange land with strange people. It looked so perilous.

“Until the cities are empty,the houses vacant, and the land utterly desolate,” was the Lord’s answer.

“That’s my whole life,” I contemplated,” But! I’m willing to do it for Him! Yes! Send me , Lord!”

I altered the ending a bit from the original one I wrote in October. I like to think of Isaiah responding this way rather than increduously asking the Lord if he has to spend his whole life witnessing to these people. Our life as a Christian is to be a faithful witness for Him all our life, not just for a  2 or 10 year term.. I want to respond in an unselfish way and give my all to Him and willingly follow where He calls.


This next article was written after I accepted the responsibility of teaching school. It was and is amazing how God  is working in this situation!

Send Me

“Lord, I want to do something for You. I want to serve you somewhere,but where? It appears that the door to foreign missions is closed right now.I realize it’s important to willingly serve at home first ,so I’ll serve here until You call me.”

” Audrey, are you willing to teach school? There is a need for a 1st and 2nd grade teacher in Preston Maryland.”

“Lord,if that’s Your will for me right now I’m willing to go. I trust You and I know You will never forsake me. You will be there with me through the challenging times.DSC_4330You will also be there with me to show me the silver lining of the clouds and refresh me with Your amazing love and comfort with a ray of sunshine.DSC_4350 Just as You are with me here in the present ,You are already in the future. I will go, but not on my own strength. My strength will come from You! I want to serve You by serving others around me. I praise You, Lord for being my Guide through life! Use me Lord, for Your honor and Your glory.”

God has a very special plan for you. Never forget that. It may seem to you that nothing is happening,but be content where He has you now. Ask Him to show You the next step and be sensitive to His calling.Serving away from home is no more important than serving at home. Be content with the lot you were given and continually praise and serve God where you are! I am not speaking as an expert on the subject;I’m speaking as a human learning to be content and grateful where God has called me.