Class of 2015-2016


 Audrey Zeiset, Krysta Harshbarger, Lauryl Johnson, Jessica Burkholder

Please join us for a GRADUATION party for

Audrey, Jessica,Krysta,Lauryl

Friday, May 20 at 6:45 pm

at Maranatha Bible School Lansing, MN

Come and enjoy an informal time of fun, food, and fellowship with us!


The mothers did a great job of doing the food and there was plenty left over! A lady from our church decorated the cake and did a beautiful job of that !


We were planning for about 140 people and around 130 showed up. It was a fun time to catch up with people who we don’t see very often and even play volleyball later in the evening!


We each had our own little section of a table. This was later in the evening after our tables were delightfully cluttered with gifts!


And then we had these wild characters that would show up periodically at the end of the hall. This one happens to be my sister Amber. Let me explain, there was a photo booth down the hall where the younger girls (and sometimes older girls) would congregate and dress up ūüôā


For those of you who made this party a success, Thank-you! It was a pleasure having you there and the gifts and cards were fun to open!







We Have a Faithful God

…One Who never leaves us to figure life out on our own. One Who is waiting to show us the next step. One Who says “Wait on Me and Rest in Me.” And One Who leads us to places we never dreamed we’d end up after we have¬†learned to Rest and Wait on Him. I Praise Him For That!


As you may have discovered by now, I have¬†failed miserably¬†on my ‘ 365 picture diary’ resolution and have given up on it. Stating it publicly didn’t even help me stick to it and I am sorry. Next time I won’t promise something that I’ll so easily give up on. I will once again resort to posting more¬†on the highlights of life and will try to include pictures on those posts¬†!¬† Thanks for bearing with me ūüôā


I went on a¬†short , but life-changing trip a week ago. It was different than any other¬† trip in that I was going to a place where I would only know one person . I was a bit apprehensive about meeting so many new people but at the same time was ready to put faces to names! Sunday was spent with the youth and church families and Monday afternoon I went for the interview, the¬†purpose¬†of ¬†this trip to Maryland.¬†The interview went well and I was accepted as¬†the¬†1st and 2nd grade¬†teacher for Smithson Mennonite School in Preston MD for this coming fall. I am excited about being the teacher for 5 first graders and a second grader, but getting everything ready for my classroom and moving away looks a¬† little intimidating, I have to admit, but at the same time it’s exciting! I take comfort in that God is leading me there and He is already there in the future and will be with me every step ; through the easy and the hard.


Here are Deidra and I, the¬†teachers for next term. I went to Bible School¬† with Deidra so it will be nice to be able to teach with her and get to know her better ūüôā


The school and church are not built crooked ,rest assured; it was the way  the picture was taken.



If you are ever in the Preston MD area over a weekend, I’m sure the congregation there would warmly welcome you! It’s a beautiful, old church built in 1891 .


Time is  a gift from God.

What we do with it is our choice.

Several days ago a telemarketer called and left a message .In the¬†message¬†he had encouraged us to listen to the end of the message and proceeded to inform us of an easy way to¬†make a¬†$1,000 a day. I wasn’t really listening but one phrase hit me. In his “speech” he made this comment ” and it will put more time into your days.”¬† I kinda laughed and¬†thought to myself ” There will always be 24 hours in a day no matter what you do.” I got to thinking, “What am I doing with my 24 hours in a day? Am I using it to its full potential or am I letting¬†the wealth of ‘today’ slip through my fingers¬†to only¬†discover later that I could have used that time to benefit someone else?”

Time flies. It just does , especially the older¬†one becomes. It’s already May and we are one month shy of being half-way through 2016. Just today I read a letter that I had written to myself when I was 15 to¬† open on my 16th birthday. That wasn’t that long ago, even tho it has been nearly 3 years since I penned that self-addressed letter.(it was quite interesting by the way. Give it a try and start writing letters to yourself to read in a couple short years!)

What are we doing with our time? Do we carelessly toss the gift of a day aside or do we embrace each new day- rain or shine- and make the most of every minute? Our life is like a vapor ; here for just a second and then gone.We only have one life to live and each day is passing; the clock is ticking. What will you do with today?Tomorrow?

Christ will soon return to get His bride. Are you spending your time wisely in light of eternity?


SpringTIME means its chick season! These 50 chicks (meat and layers) are the latest additions to our farm!



This chick takes a refreshing drink of water after a long trip in crowded quarters from first the hatchery,then to the post office, then the feedmill, and finally to a temporary home in  a (empty) 100 gallon water tub.


“I declare,” says one small chick to his napping neighbor,” Life outside the egg is exhausting.”


“Hey , Guys!¬†Look at this! This ‘world’ has an all-you-can-eat buffet! Life just¬†keeps getting better!”