This past Friday evening most of the church families gathered in the Bible School gym for an evening of knotting comforts and fellowship! With the children, men, and boys’ help, we got 13 comforts knotted that evening!

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Kerek , dutifully threading needles

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How many farm boys does it take to knot a comfort?

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Not everyone was knotting. Some came to entertain with stories 🙂

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“May I ask you a question? What does that white thing on your head symbolize?” asked an elderly gentleman at the nursing home yesterday.

What do I say?

“Well, it’s in 1 Corinthians 11 ..”I started, not quite sure how to begin.” It symbolizes submission. I submit to those above me like my dad and Jesus and God.” I replied,hoping I didn’t sound as flustered as I felt.

“So when you’re married, you will submit to your husband?” Was his next question.

“Yes!” I replied, glad he understood .

“That’s good!” He said.” That’s not happening anymore these days. God bless you !”


Just a short but refreshing conversation that has definitely got me thinking. Submission isn’t always easy and it won’t always be. If I find it difficult to submit to my dad now ,how can I find it easy to submit to God and my husband in a few years if the Lord wills? It’s easy to submit when things are going the way you like ,but when it’s not… that’s when you are faced with the real test.

I also have to ponder his last statement” that’s not happening anymore these days” . It’s sad and so true. How many broken homes are the result of  selfish, unsubmissive wives to their husbands? Not only does it hurt the husband , but also the children involved and even the wife, altho she may not realize it . We women are commanded to be subject to those in authority over us. Wives are to obey and submit to their husbands, while  young women (like myself) who aren’t yet married, are to obey and respect their dad but most importantly, God Himself.

Dear women, let’s not make life difficult for the men in our lives but take God’s command to heart and be submissive Daughters and godly wives. It’s not all easy but with God’s help, it is possible!

To the guys (young men ,dads, and husbands) out there: Thank- you for respecting us as women and  being the leaders in our life. Your submission to God makes it easier for us to submit to you .



Common beauty is everywhere. We just need to look for it!



Life often seems like a puzzle. We can’t see the whole picture in one piece and that often worries us but why should we worry when we know a God who sees the big picture and knows where each piece will fit perfectly?!


“But now thru a glass darkly..”


Like mother like baby.



You reap what you sow.


A genuine sign of Spring at last!




Guest Post by Emily

I am happy to present to you a wonderful piece of writing written by my friend  Emily Burkholder who lives in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia. Read what she has to say and ponder the points made in this article. Enjoy!


When Audrey asked me if I would write a blog post for her, my mind instantly began to spin…what on earth should I write about?!  Especially since very few of you who read this know me…  So this is just a collection of random things I have been meditating on, but hopefully at least one of them can make sense and bless your life in some little way.

Adjusting back to my ‘normal’ life since Bible School has been much rougher than I ever imagined it could be…before MBS, my life was, well, normal!  But I have come to realize that when you leave your family, church, and community for a period of time, you will inevitably come back with a different view of what has been your ‘normal’ up until that point.  There is just something about stepping back and looking at things from a distance that really changes your perspective!  It has been a challenge for me to find ‘my place’ here in my community again…I feel that since I learned so much at MBS, I don’t really fit at the same place as I did before.  Thankfully, at this point, I am feeling pretty much ‘at home’ again!

Something we talked about a lot at Bible School that really has been a challenge to me is the topic of servanthood.  Jesus was our perfect example, and He came as a Servant.  Therefore, if we are Christians, we are called to be servants.  Although the thought of a life of servanthood may seem like a life of drudgery, if we are serving for Christ out of a heart of love for others, it will only bring joy and fulfillment to life.

My very favorite class of all at MBS was the Wisdom Literature II class.  In this class, we studied the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.  It is amazing to me how much wisdom and insight these books have about some of the most common things we struggle with in our Christian lives!  I would just like to share a few things that stood out to me from this class…

  • Think about what you’re thinking about!
  • God will never put you in a place where you can’t grow…but it’s your choice whether or not to grow.

Another class I really enjoyed was The Christian and Music.  In this class we discussed who God is and how our music should line up with His character.  I would also like to share some thoughts from that class as well…

  • We say that music is a form of worship…then think about this definition of worship–“extravagant love and extreme submission”.  What am I showing this love and submission to in my music?
  • If we are not testifying to the change in us, can we be called Christians?
  • If we are content with the world’s music, we will be content with a shallow religion.
  • If we are worshipping out of a shallow Christianity, what will we have to pass on to the next generation?

I think the biggest challenge to my life from MBS was our calling to be a light to the world.  The one evening we had a candle-lighting service and sang the song “Go Light Your World.”  There are so many needy people around us that we come into contact with every day…at our jobs, in town, our neighbors, and maybe even people in our own families or churches.  If we are fully surrendered to God, He may (and probably will) use us as His instrument to meet the needs of those around us.

The only truly happy and fulfilling life will be one that is totally sold out to God.  God knows everything and on the day that I was born He already had my whole life planned out–down to every little detail–and therefore why do I sometimes get all bent out of shape over how things are working out, and try to make my life go the way I think it should?!  God is truly faithful, and He will bring everything to pass in His own perfect timing!

“You may feel lost and alone, but God knows exactly where you are, and He has a good plan for your life.”

May you rest in Him and His plan for your life!  God bless y’all as you continue to serve Him!



The Cold-Water Pourer

Have you ever been a cold water pourer?  It’s quite likely you have been, literally ( 🙂 ) as well as figuratively.  Let me explain.

A cold water pourer is someone who freely gives his advice and opinion on something new that’s being tried (often deemed impossible or nearly impossible at the time) and tries to discourage the brave soul that set out to create something better. He’ll liberally dump cups of ice cold water by his thoughtless words directly to the person but also to anyone else willing to listen and accept a cup of cold water to dump on the one brave soul.

What motivates someone to pour cold water? Often it’s jealousy. We as humans don’t like to be outdone by another person  so when we see that this new “thing” has potential of becoming popular or successful , we  want to do all we can to stop or hinder any progress.  Pride is another one. We are too proud to admit and accept the fact that the idea didn’t originate with us. Believe me, I’ve been there and I regret to say that I poured too many cups of cold water. It wasn’t always with words or actions either but more with the attitude and total lack of support and encouragement. I allowed self to get in the way and missed an opportunity to give encouragement when it was needed.

I would like to douse you with a cup of warm water and encourage you not to be one of those cold water pourers. Be the person who is there to support and encourage a new endeavor . You don’t know what the person may be feeling and just a word of affirmation and appreciation  may be what he needs to spur him on. So arm yourself with warm water and liberally sprinkle encouragement on those around you and be blessed!








Spring is Here!

I wasn’t tickled to hear of the 6-11 inches of snow predicted for Thursday,but because it IS Spring now, I knew it wouldn’t last long. Even so, I didn’t want to see more snow even if the tempts are in the 30*s . The snow and wind came Wednesday night into Thursday morning drifting our world with heavy,wet snow. School  was canceled much to the children’s delight and thus began the day of vacation due to a Spring snow storm. I did get some pictures of the nice snow so that was a plus and Amber and I did make a snowwoman which was the first snow creation I made for the winter or Spring,more accurately stated.



Anyone interested in joining me for a cold Spring picnic?




Here Logan is holding the “Math Teacher”. This rabbit was an example of multiplication as most of the bunnies Logan has now are either her children or grandchildren.

DSC_1592I’m always  glad to see one of the boys in the kitchen! Makes me feel less guilt for not being there myself.(terrible. I know!)If Austin’s in the kitchen and not making Fudge Brownies , he’s often frying up eggs for a quick meal or taking steps from mom on how to assemble a casserole .


The mercies of our Lord are NEW  every morning and His faithfulness unending!  Praise Him for His goodness!