The Bald-Headed Man

This man was not teased so much. Not quite as much as the man I am going to tell you about. This man’s name is Mr. John. Mr. John was not all the way bald, but all the children in the town teased him in many different ways. But the man soon decided that it was time to move. So, Mr. John packed all his things and went to his car and drove into the street that night. But nobody knew at all, and Mr. John hoped he could be in another state when they found out that he was gone. He did not know that people were looking for him; looking all through the town that they lived in . They did not know he was gone for a year. Mr. John had a good time in this different place. In this state were many people ,because the name was everyone’s favorite name. The name of this state is New York, but some people spoke a different language :} But Mr. John soon learned the language.

The people liked new people, but this man they were not so sure if they liked him or if they didn’t like him. They were not sure at all. Not at all sure. But, they soon found out that Mr. John was so nice that they were sure they liked him. All but one. But one could not do something bad all by himself. This person was a boy. His name is Ray. Ray did not like Mr. John. He soon liked to tease him, but the others did not like Ray at all either, so it was the same. Ray was mean. Ray was mean to anyone he did not like. All the others worked out ,but this one didn’t work out. He failed because everyone was against him. All but one and do you know who this person is? It is Mr.John! You would think he would be in this one because Mr. John was not mad. He was used to it. And Ray was so surprised that he just stood there. 🙂

Author: Amber Zeiset age 8   She randomly wrote this story in school and I thought it was cute and with her permission, I am sharing it with you! I don’t know what motivated her to write it but I thought her style was interesting! 


Praise the Lord for new life!  Praise Him that things won’t always be brown, boring, and muddy! Praise Him for the life after death and praise Him for Spring altho it may not always seem like Spring weather or temperatures! Thank Him, as the Great Physician, for curing the Spring fever and winter blues. And, thank God for the color brown. 🙂

Barnyard Occupants


Kerek’s cows are due to freshen here in March sometime  and we are looking forward to having calves in the pasture again!


Anyone interested in a rabbit for Easter? Talk with Logan and I’m sure he’ll be happy sell you one!


“And who do you think gave you permission to take my photo? How dare you..”


The cats around our farm are not very friendly. Obviously ,by the looks of this cat.


Behold the pigeons of our barn. They fly not about searching for food, for their master, Logan, feedeth them daily. They worry not about their life for they know only safety in the shelter of the pen. They dutifully raise their families to contribute to the flock  and make a mess of the pen they share with the rabbits. Behold these white pigeons.


Fear not when big beasts seem to bother and chase you, for you shall always find safety in the rafters of the barn or on the other side of the fence.(From a banties perspective.May not always work so well for us).


This past week I did not take a picture every day ,I must confess. I will try to do a better job this week and return to my resolution.


Have a great week!!


Relationships are found in every aspect of life and are very important. I am no expert on relationships but I thought I would share some of  what I learned in the Introduction to Interpersonal Relationships class. I realize that there could be so much more said on this topic and I would welcome your comments  and discussion on this topic.

What is a Relationship?

As I recently learned in Intro to Interpersonal Relationships class, relationships have many dimensions and affect most areas of our life.

Webster defines relationship as “the quality or state of being related;connection.4. a continuing attachment or association between persons.’ whereas friendship is defined as ‘the state of being friends; friendly feelings or attitude.’ A relationship is taking a friendship to a deeper level.

A relationship with God affects all other relationships. A shallow relationship with God will lead to more fickle and empty relationships with those around us. If a relationship with Christ if first priority in our lives, we will be able to channel His love into the lives of others.

A relationship is only as good as its communication. Misunderstandings , often caused by lack of clear communication, are the primary reasons for stress in a relationship. To retain good relationships, both parties need to be willing to talk and approach each other in love and humility .Once the stress is resolved the relationship can continue and most likely,even on a deeper level.

How you present yourself to another person is crucial when beginning a relationship. Would you want to become friends with someone who is constantly talking about themselves, acts superior to you, or is insensitive to your feelings? How about if they are judgmental and critical of others?  I hope you would note the red flags and not encourage a relationship like that. Now lets say someone has unhurried time when speaking to you and shows interest in your life. They are friendly and considerate  of you and your feelings. They judge no one and you know they can be fully trusted.  What kind of person are you?

Emotions are also an aspect of relationships and add color to our life and relationships. Emotions are godly but we have to be aware of the two important misconceptions of emotions. One is that if I feel something, it must be true. Secondly, I can’t control my emotions. We can be bound by these lies but when we turn it over to God , He will give us freedom from these chains. The eight primary emotions are anger, fear, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise, curiosity, and acceptance. What are you doing with these emotions? Are you controlling them or are they controlling you?

A good relationship takes effort, unconditional love, unselfishness, genuine concern for others, and time.  It won’t always be easy or convenient ,but by Christ’s example and His help ,it is possible.

Humility is the most important part of a relationship. “Biblical humility is not the belittling of oneself ,but the exalting and praising of others, especially of God and Christ.” It is not thinking of yourself all the time but focusing on God and others. Humility makes us different, more Christ-like, influential,  adorns the Christian and chooses to honor others.

The most important principle in a relationship is love. It is a commitment to do what is best for others. The opposite of that is selfishness which tears down any relationship. God’s love is free, unconditional and  unchanging and must be received and shared.

Relationships are a gift from God and a blessing . What are you doing with your relationships?



And now for the pictures! I actually chose a theme this time and will let you pick it out!

I was given the candy ‘sundaes’ for a gift and thought it was a cute idea! Rest assured, the candy was shared!

One of the beautiful things of Spring is the clear blue skies! It was a warmer week but we did have a day where it snowed a wet snow that melted again within a day.

The seed catalog has been poured over and marked up. Nothing like putting a seed order out that plants a seed of hope for summer!


Until next time……









The Promise of Spring


I’m so thankful for the promise of Genesis 8:22″While the earth remaineth,seedtime and harvest,and cold and heat,and summer and winter,and day and night shall not cease.”

We have the promise of Spring and have been seeing the signs of it’s near arrival this past week. It was a lovely 40* day on Saturday ,the 20th

For one thing….there.was.mud. Now mud in Minnesota, in February ,is unusual  but was welcomed in a way meant only for mud. We were glad for the sure signs of Spring but…..were ready for the mud to dry or freeze (preferably dry out). ( This morning ,3/2, it was 0*. We had no problems with mud.)

We had company for Sunday lunch. There were quite a few  younger children and because they needed another girl to make the teams even for Drop the Blanket, I joined them for a short  period of time. I can’t say I was an asset to the team but I was another person 🙂 Before I  retreated again to my room, I explained to them how to play ImaginIff.

On Monday, the 22nd, was my 18th birthday! Mom, Kerek, and I went in to town and Kerek and I took in our passport applications and got that process started. We don’t have plans of leaving  the US at this point, but you never know when the opportunity will arise!:)   It was Taco Johns for lunch and then home again. During lunch,  Mom asked me what my goals are for my 18th year. That was the prompt I needed to start thinking about it and making goals for the year to pursue and work towards.

Mom had a pleasant surprise Wednesday morning when she got home from shopping. Three of her sisters came out with Grandpas’ to surprise her for her 40th birthday! She was quite surprised and kept saying” I just can’t believe it!” That afternoon they made doughnuts and French fries. My little cousins, Cameron and Jerome, were enjoying the fresh doughnuts when I took their picture(right middle pic). It was fun to walk into the house and hear little boys chattering and playing ,and different to have toys strewn in places where they normally aren’t :).The 3 little boys (ages 2-5) that came along were intrigued with the hamster and spent many minutes by the cage,feeding it (supervised),blowing on it, touching (poking) it , and even giving it a ‘boost’ when it was in its ball on the floor.  Weston , the 4 month old, thought it was great to be held by Amber. Amber would look at him and he would giggle but when she would look away, the smile would vanish from his face until she looked at him again. It was the cutest thing and I have to wonder what he was thinking that made him giggle like that!?  Mom’s sisters and  mother took her out to the Old Mill Restaurant for Thursday lunch. They shared an appetizer of warm, stuffed dates wrapped with a piece of bacon. They said it was delicious…..  Over Rachel Sandwiches, Clam Chowder, salads , cheesecake and lots of coffee, they erased a thousand miles for just a couple hours. Later that afternoon ,after a short ,sweet visit they were already gone.

“Those that love don’t say good-bye”………….