Back to Reality

This week was the first week home from Bible School! It took a little bit to get back into the groove of things but I’m getting there! It seems like we didn’t  have much of a winter but what can I say. I was indoors for the majority of it and came home to 30*+ ,wind and mud.

We second term girls have a group email where we can keep tabs on each other 😉 If we didn’t have that , I don’t know what we would do. It feels so good to stay connected and learn what goes on in their everyday lives.

I got home on Saturday and feeling so disoriented, I relaxed on the couch with the computer and gave Logan and Amber a peek into what life on campus was like. It was fun to go back over the pictures from the past 6 weeks and relive some of those especially fun and memorable times.

” I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide you with mine eye.” Psalm 32:8  What a comforting promise God has given me.

I took Introduction to Missions for one of my classes at Bible School second term. With that still fresh on my mind , I’m checking into different missions and areas of service where I could go for some time this summer. Every Thursday evening at Bible School this term,they are giving presentations of different missions or areas of service.It’s really interesting and my ears are open for opportunities. I keep asking myself if I would be comfortable to work with the elderly like at Mountain View Nursing Home or other nursing homes. I personally can’t see myself enjoying that type of work but maybe I don’t totally know myself either (quite likely). I would find working with children more appealing.Serving at New Horizon Children’s Ministry  in Colorado would interest me. There are many missions out there and I know if God wants me to serve at any, He will open the door for me. But ,as I was nicely told, my mission needs to begin at home and in my community before I can be effective.



Charge not thyself
with the weight of the year,
Child of the Master
so faithful and dear.

Choose not thy cross
for the coming week,
For it is more than
He bids thee seek.

Bend not thine arms
for tomorrow’s load.
Thou mayest leave that
to thy gracious God.

Daily,only, He says to thee
“Take up thy cross, and follow Me.”

~Helen Steiner Rice












The Final Days of 2nd Term

This week was crazy busy! We all knew for a fact that this final week would go by in a flash and it did! Before we realized what happened, Friday evening’s closing program was history!


My aunt had given me a gift to open every day of the final week! Such a great idea with cute messages!


Sunday evening singing in the hall!


An after class/boredom- fixer break! Someone had gotten a bag of microwave popcorn in their box so….. we had a snack ! 🙂


Shuffleboard with NO rules! Lol!


“Now what were the things outlined in the Gospel of Mark?”


“Attention Maranatha Students! Tonight is MBS’ Live Entertainment in the Lounge!Watch at your own risk!”


Who is on the road to Heaven? We may not meet on earth again, but will we see each other in Heaven someday? I hope so! Will you join us on our Heavenly pilgrimage?

My 6 weeks at MBS was worth every penny and then some! I thoroughly enjoyed it and besides learning many new and beautiful truths, I also gained many new friends and experiences 😉 !  I enjoyed being surrounded by people my age and always being with friends so much ,in fact, that I don’t remember telling mom  that I felt that my personal space was being invaded that first week! It’s funny how friends suddenly change the ‘feel’ of things!

Week 5

It’s hard to believe that the fifth week of Bible School is now history! So true is the statement Time flies when you are having fun!

On Thursday we had a phone fast. The principals kept the phones in the office and we could retrieve them again Friday morning. We were told to pray for the revival meetings whenever we were tempted to checked our phones. It was a good experience and I realized just how much I actually need my phone!

Friday evening after the evening service we played volleyball and had kettle corn for a snack. We were able to stay up till 10:30 and play volleyball instead of going to bed at 9:45!

Boxes are often a highlight for the students here. One day we had atleast 35 boxes come in the mail and there were many delighted students and suddenly a lot more snacks! 🙂

This was also a week for flowers! In Monday evening’s girls’ prayer circle, Evonne talked on purity and afterwards gave each of us 35 girls a rose! I should say God provided the roses. Evonne told God that she wanted to give each of us girls a rose but their budget didn’t allow it at the time so if God wanted us to have the roses , He would have to supply the money. Later that day , Evonne received a card from a friend with a gift of just the right amount of money for the roses! It was obvious God wanted us to get the roses and we felt His love in such a real way! And then on one of those days when I needed mom to drop more thing(s) off for me, she also gave me a bouquet of beautiful , yellow flowers!


From the Students

I asked Wendy Groff from Pa (age 20), Jocelyn Hershberger from Holmes County Ohio (age 18), and Dorothy Shirk from Mo (age 17), a few questions about their First Term experience here at MBS and this is what they had to say.

What were you expecting when you were planning to attend MBS?

Wendy: I was expecting to meet new friends but also dig deep into God’s Word and gather a new knowledge to apply to life and also build stronger convictions.

Jocelyn: I thought it would be more of a strict schedule and not so relaxed and I wasn’t sure what to expect for the classes.

Dorothy: I was expecting to meet lots of new people and make lots of friends as well as to study the Bible and grow closer to God.

Has it met your expectations?

Wendy: yes

Jocelyn: Kinda. It was more relaxed than I thought it would be.

Dorothy: Yes. It has been better than what I had expected.

What was your favorite class and what was one thing that really stuck out to you?

Wendy: Matthew class . Howard Bean, the teacher, used a lot of stories and illustrations.

Jocelyn: Wisdom Literature II . Kevin wanted our thoughts and opinions on  the practical lessons discussed. One comment he made was,” Think about what you are thinking about.”

Dorothy: Wisdom Literature II taught by Kevin Kauffman . The lesson on purity really stuck out to me.

What is the highlight of your day?

Wendy: evenings. I can find a quiet place in the lounge or dorm and just study or have some quiet time to myself.

Jocelyn: chorus from 3-4 in the afternoon.

Dorothy: playing volleyball in the evenings

If you could change one thing about your stay, what would it be?

W: Try to get to know everyone better. It takes a lot of effort to talk to ALL the girls!

J:Not being on the top bunk and being able to stick to my work better.

D:That I could stay for second term 🙂

What is one negative thing here at MBS?

W: I dislike all the hair that collects in the girls dorm, as well as some of the disrespect the students have towards the authority and rules.

J: Not begin able to concentrate on my work.

D:So many people living in such small quarters.

What is your favorite song in chorus?

W: I’ll Be There . I want that to be my testimony as well as those around me.

J: When Jesus Steps Out

D: I’ll Be There

Would you recommend MBS to someone else and why?

W: Yes! It is really a great time to study deeper into God’s Word and also make some new friends. It’s overall a great experience.

J: Yes, if they have my personality ( outgoing and talkative)they’d like it. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I think it’s very worthwhile and a good growing experience.

D: Yes! You get to make new friendships and learn lots of new stuff!

The experience of attending MBS is great! It’s a wonderful time of getting to know our God on a more personal level without the distractions of a job! You don’t need to be outgoing to enjoy a term or two of Bible School. You just need a hunger for God’s Word and a desire to get to know Him better. A friendly personality would definitely be appreciated by those around you:)  The classes are very practical and encouraging. Convictions are created and  strengthened and things are learned that will shape the choices you will make in life.


And here are the pictures from this past week.Enjoy !


A moderately quiet game of Pit 🙂


Monday evening’s Get Acquainted Night!






I was so happy to see my name on a box! Two in one day! Unlike many of the students here, I don’t get a box from home or from my youth group because I basically am home and get to see my friends atleast once a week. I was so tickled to actually get something in the mail (Thanks to a first term friend;) and had to take a picture of it!