A Thankful Heart

I am blessed.

I live in a country  that allows me to freely worship  my indescribable God.I have a church family to worship with on Sundays . I’ve got Christian parents who know better than to give me everything I want,but instead teach me patience, love,and respect. As hard as it may be for them sometimes, they allow me to spread my wings a bit.They support and encourage my dreams . They endure my not-so-gracious attitude and actions of self that surface at times.They love and support each other and set a great example for me and my four siblings. They sacrifice their time and hobbies to care and be there for the family. They are awesome parents and I’m blessed by them!

My 3 brothers and little sister keep life  very  interesting.Not one personality is alike! They tend to have  wild imaginations and come up with outlandish ideas that I would never think of!It’s great and I wouldn’t be who I am without them 🙂

I’m blessed to know God. So many 17 year olds don’t know God or don’t want to know Him. Without God, I’d be on a lone island in the middle of nowhere trying to run my  own life, which would be an utter failure. God is everything. He can never be taken away no matter what happens to me. That’s so wonderful. I’m blessed to have a relationship with God and desire to daily deepen that relationship.

I’m blessed to have a dream ;a vision. Try to imagine life with no goals or dreams.Life would look quite hopeless and worthless but thank God for giving you hopes and dreams!

I’m blessed to be accepted as part of the youth. I love our small group of 20 youth ! Because it’s a small group and ages range from 15- 35 , it’s interesting to say the least, and like a good recipe, we compliment each other with our differences.

I’m blessed to have many friends. It took one to convince me to start blogging and am I ever glad she did!(You can visit her blog here.) My friends have helped me become who I am today and are still making an impact on my life.

I appreciate those of you who follow and read my blog. I wouldn’t enjoy writing if I had no one to write to !

I’m also thankful that my list doesn’t stop there. God is Good!

Do you have a Thanksgiving blessing to share? What are you especially thankful for this season?

Happy Thanksgiving!




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