The Blessings of Fall

Fall: the season after summer and before winter. A season of cooler weather and beautiful scenery. Webster’s definition:autumn  n. the season between summer and winter comprising in the northern hemisphere usually the months of September , October, and November .

I love summer and endure winter. Fall is the mediator between the two.



Gorgeous sunsets and younger siblings!


Bright orange maple trees!


A cheery yellow maple tree through the door!


Harvest and the opportunity to be a part of it 🙂


The gorgeous fall evenings!


Camping with the youth group the last weekend in September and having a relaxing time playing volleyball and relaxing for a day!


Having the  opportunity to witness and capture on camera the lunar eclipse one clear night!

Taking walks down our quiet dirt road and soaking in the splendor of the vivid sunset.

Going on a bike ride with 6 of my young friends one lovely Saturday afternoon . After biking a total of 14 miles I realized just how out of shape I am and how uncomfortable my bike seat is but it was worth it!

Attending a week of revival meetings held by Eric Shrock  . I appreciated all the sermons but liked how Eric had a special sermon for the youth Saturday night. He expounded on finding God’s will for our life. Several things that spoke to me were that* Before I ask for God’s will , I need to be willing to accept whatever God has for me. *God wants a blank piece of paper with my name signed on the bottom,willing to do whatever God assigns  to me.*Make sure I’m obeying God in every area before I ask for His leading.*Impatience is a hinderance in finding God’s will!

Enjoy the blessings today brings!

The scariest place in this life is outside the will of God.”





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