A Thankful Heart

I am blessed.

I live in a country  that allows me to freely worship  my indescribable God.I have a church family to worship with on Sundays . I’ve got Christian parents who know better than to give me everything I want,but instead teach me patience, love,and respect. As hard as it may be for them sometimes, they allow me to spread my wings a bit.They support and encourage my dreams . They endure my not-so-gracious attitude and actions of self that surface at times.They love and support each other and set a great example for me and my four siblings. They sacrifice their time and hobbies to care and be there for the family. They are awesome parents and I’m blessed by them!

My 3 brothers and little sister keep life  very  interesting.Not one personality is alike! They tend to have  wild imaginations and come up with outlandish ideas that I would never think of!It’s great and I wouldn’t be who I am without them 🙂

I’m blessed to know God. So many 17 year olds don’t know God or don’t want to know Him. Without God, I’d be on a lone island in the middle of nowhere trying to run my  own life, which would be an utter failure. God is everything. He can never be taken away no matter what happens to me. That’s so wonderful. I’m blessed to have a relationship with God and desire to daily deepen that relationship.

I’m blessed to have a dream ;a vision. Try to imagine life with no goals or dreams.Life would look quite hopeless and worthless but thank God for giving you hopes and dreams!

I’m blessed to be accepted as part of the youth. I love our small group of 20 youth ! Because it’s a small group and ages range from 15- 35 , it’s interesting to say the least, and like a good recipe, we compliment each other with our differences.

I’m blessed to have many friends. It took one to convince me to start blogging and am I ever glad she did!(You can visit her blog here.) My friends have helped me become who I am today and are still making an impact on my life.

I appreciate those of you who follow and read my blog. I wouldn’t enjoy writing if I had no one to write to !

I’m also thankful that my list doesn’t stop there. God is Good!

Do you have a Thanksgiving blessing to share? What are you especially thankful for this season?

Happy Thanksgiving!




“Help Me Find It”

“Mom, what will I do after Bible School? I really don’t want to be feeding calves forever. There’s got to be more to life than that!”

“Here you go again,  worrying about not having enough to do. You said the same thing after school was out. Were you bored? No! You wondered what you would do after you got back from New York. Well,you were busy in the fields driving tractor and now you are wondering what you will do after Bible School? If God has provided enough work to keep you busy all the times you were wondering what you’d do next , don’t you think He’s got something planned for you after  Bible School? ”

“Yeah,  you’re right. I guess I will just have to wait and see what the future brings.” I smile.  A feeling of peace and excitement settle over me! It’s one thing to know and believe that God has my future planned ,but it’s another to hear it restated by someone else ; In this case, my wonderful mother!

I  don’t have a clue what I will be doing in the middle of February . Will I still be feeding calves? Possibly.  Will I be planning a trip to Nicaragua ? Now that would be cool! It’s the not knowing that makes the future exciting . Where will God have me by then? What will He have me doing? I am excited to see what His plan is. Sometimes, like the time  I just wrote about,  I would like to know what the next step is or what the big picture looks like , but if I would know, would I be as excited?

I’ll be 18 by then. Well, barely since my birthday is only on the 22nd of February.  Eighteen! That’s the age when I get my  own phone bills ,  a new  picture taken for my license, a passport because I don’t have one yet , and last but not least, the door to foreign countries and mission work has just swung open  a little further. Now if God gives me the okay and allows me to pass through that door ,when the time comes, I shall be ready!     I’m getting ahead of myself. Setting foot on foreign soil is one of my dreams. You know that.  As far as all the bills and decisions (some difficult ,others easy and fun) , that’s all part of growing up; not a dream.

Do I know what God wants me to do? Do I know which road to take at the crossroads? No I don’t ,but I’m not left clueless. God has given me His Word and is just a prayer away .He  will reveal His plan for my life as well as yours , ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Following is a song that I recently heard and  I love the words because they are my prayer.


          "Help Me Find It"
I don't know where to go from here.
It all used to seem so clear.
I'm finding I can't do this on my own.

I don't know where to go from here
As long as I know that You are near.
          I'm done fighting;
          I'm finally letting go. 

     I will trust in You.
   You've never failed before.
     I will trust in You. 
   If there's a road I should walk
           Help me find it.
          If I need to be still
       Give me peace for the moment.
           Whatever Your will.
           Whatever Your will .
       Can you help me find it?
       Can You help me find it? 

I'm giving You fear and You give faith.
           I'm giving You doubt
           You give me grace.
     For every step I've never been alone. 

 Even when it hurts, You'll have Your way.
      Even in the valley I will say
           With every breath
    "You've never let me go." 

        I will wait for You
       You've never failed before 
        I will wait for You. 


I will lift my empty hands( come fill me up again)
Have Your way my King ( I give my all to You)
I lift my eyes again ( Was blind but now I see)
          'Cause You are all I need!
~Sidewalk Prophets~     







Praise the Lord


“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.” Psalms 145:3

The last six chapters of Psalms tells us to praise the Lord! It’s not just those final six although that’s where many are found. Psalms is a continual reminder  to Praise our Maker!

Psalms 150 tells us  where to praise Him .Praise God in his sanctuary : praise Him in the firmament of his power.Why to praise Him; Praise Him for His mighty acts, praise him according to his excellent greatness. How to praise Him; with the sound of the trumpet ,psaltery ,harp,timbrel,stringed instruments and organs.Praise him upon loud and high sounding cymbals. Who is to praise our God? “Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord!” Psalms 150:6

ground hog praising

Are you going through a difficult time? Praise the Lord for it!

Assigned to a less than appealing job? Praise the Lord!

Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed? Praise the Lord!

Do you feel joyful and near to God? Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord for those around you!

Praise the Lord for the beautiful days!

Praise the Lord for your many blessings!

Praise the Lord for His boundless supply of mercy!

Have a lovely week Praising our Lord!

lil girl praising



*pictures taken from google images

The Blessings of Fall

Fall: the season after summer and before winter. A season of cooler weather and beautiful scenery. Webster’s definition:autumn  n. the season between summer and winter comprising in the northern hemisphere usually the months of September , October, and November .

I love summer and endure winter. Fall is the mediator between the two.



Gorgeous sunsets and younger siblings!


Bright orange maple trees!


A cheery yellow maple tree through the door!


Harvest and the opportunity to be a part of it 🙂


The gorgeous fall evenings!


Camping with the youth group the last weekend in September and having a relaxing time playing volleyball and relaxing for a day!


Having the  opportunity to witness and capture on camera the lunar eclipse one clear night!

Taking walks down our quiet dirt road and soaking in the splendor of the vivid sunset.

Going on a bike ride with 6 of my young friends one lovely Saturday afternoon . After biking a total of 14 miles I realized just how out of shape I am and how uncomfortable my bike seat is but it was worth it!

Attending a week of revival meetings held by Eric Shrock  . I appreciated all the sermons but liked how Eric had a special sermon for the youth Saturday night. He expounded on finding God’s will for our life. Several things that spoke to me were that* Before I ask for God’s will , I need to be willing to accept whatever God has for me. *God wants a blank piece of paper with my name signed on the bottom,willing to do whatever God assigns  to me.*Make sure I’m obeying God in every area before I ask for His leading.*Impatience is a hinderance in finding God’s will!

Enjoy the blessings today brings!

The scariest place in this life is outside the will of God.”