Snapshots of a Minnesota Summer

We are almost into August already and it seems that summer just got started!  Time flies the way it is ,but in my opinion, it goes even faster in the summer! The wonderfully humid ,90* days, lots of rain, picking beans , pulling the onions, mowing the yard,picking more beans, fishing,swimming,unwillingly  feeding mosquitoes, taking pictures, washing windows inside and out,camping, company, biking,gorgeous evenings, thunderstorms,campfires, picking raspberries,flipflops,eating watermelon, just great! …. that’s my definition of summer and it will be over in just a couple more months!



Did I mention harvesting onions? I counted about 175 onions from our garden! We do like onions but….. let’s just say scales are more accurate than guessing when it comes to buying onion seeds!


Two -in- one! Rollerblading and playing basketball!


"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you." Author Unkown

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.”


Can you call ‘fishing’ fishing when you don’t even get one fish? Dad,Austin, Logan and I spent a couple hours on Waseca Lake on  Saturday but didn’t get a bite even though the worms I used were freshly dug! It was fun to spend a Saturday doing something other than the usual cleaning and cooking ,but at one point I did think of the other things I could be doing at home :}


In the land of 10,000 lakes we still take advantage of the ‘lake’ in our ditch after a 30 minute downpour this morning! The deepest part was about a foot deep and even though it was only 70* it was still fun to ‘swim’ { okay, I mean splash}!


You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forever more.Psalms 16:11

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Don’t borrow tomorrow’s troubles but enjoy this moment; today! There is no better time than now to make memories for a lifetime ! Capture those exciting times on camera or record the happenings  in your journal to ‘relive’ on the frigid days of winter ! 🙂

Do What You Can Now

“I’ll do it then. I’m too young now anyway. No one else is doing it……” Ever hear or use those excuses before?

Now is the time to live for Christ . It’s the time to grow spiritually closer to Him and learn to know Him better. Now is the time to tell a lost soul of Christ’s love and mercy. It may be their only chance to hear the Gospel.

Now is the time to be a friend to a friendless person. The world is full of hurting and friendless people. Now is the time to be ‘different’ and show your love for Christ by being a friend to the person who has suffered rejection from their peers because they were different ,or the person who is the least desirable to be around. The reward of changing just one life for the better greatly surpasses the ridicule you may have received for reaching out to them.

Now is the time to enjoy life. God has a plan for every stage of your  life and wants you to find enjoyment in that part of your life, but this enjoyment can so easily be robbed if you fantasize of how much more exciting life will be when ‘I’m such and such an age’ or wishing your life would be fun and exciting like someone else’s may seem to be.The results. Becoming discontent with what you are given, your age , or the circumstances you are in at the moment. Don’t let that happen!! Enjoy the place or age God has you at and praise Him in that!

praise the lord

Now is the time to do your best! How can you do your best later if you don’t do it now? If a job or responsibility looks overwhelming and hard, just do your best! That’s what God wants from YOU!



Each moment is passing…

What’s not done now may never get done later. Take the opportunities now to witness to someone or spend time with a sibling , or child.  It may not seem like much but it will make a difference in someones life,possibly even your own!




So … I made lunch yesterday! That’s worthy of as blog post since it’s so ,so….rare!?

I don’t make meals very often since cooking isn’t really my thing but I figured to be nice to mom I would be in charge of Sunday lunch! She deserved a break ! 🙂 We had…IMG_0180

Aloha Joe’s {sloppy Joe’s} ,new potatoes, and a hot pepper relish for the main course.


And for dessert , I had made raspberry cheesecake . The drink is a really dark iced tea, not coffee 🙂

And that was our lunch yesterday and there was even enough leftovers for our lunch today!

A Grand Two Days with Cousins

Wednesday evening the long anticipated company finally arrived! Mom’s oldest sister and their family of 9 stayed at our place for 2 short days that were packed with fun! They had 5 boys ages 20,18,16,8,and 4 and two girls ages 13 and 10.

Thursday morning Derlyn-16 took my place feeding calves so I could go up to Farmer John’s earlier in the morning. I took Sherita along and with 2 people picking raspberries and bagging beans we were done in an hour and a half. We still had the day ahead of us and I wasn’t sure just what we were going to do .I came up with grand idea of fishing and was tickled when Sherita enthusiastically agreed to it!. After we got back from work , the two of us went out to the garden armed  with a sour cream dish and a garden shovel and hunted worms! We went back in and packed a picnic lunch to eat by the lake. By 11:30 we had 3 fishing lines {just in case we would need a spare} ,the worms ,a tackle box , a picnic basket ,and a jug of tea packed into the Yukon and were headed to the lake in Austin.


It was gorgeous weather for a picnic and fishing!

After our lunch we got out our lines and went fishing!!!


My first  fish after fishing for a long time! I’m thinking it was a baby bass or Blue gill but because I don’t know my fish that well , I can’t say for certain. I was just glad I finally caught something even if it was really small!


Here is a small fish Sherita caught. Her first one was the biggest of all the fish we got . My guess is that it was about a six-inch Sunny.

We fished from 1-3 and got a grand total of 8 fish. I got 5 and Sherita got 3. Even if the fish were really small it was still fun to catch them! Afterwards we stopped at Burger King for a strawberry milkshake and coffee frappe` !

Later that evening the guys went to town and bought some fireworks and smoke bombs! 🙂




After chores and brunch Friday morning, we four girls loaded bikes onto the pickup and went down to Rose Creek to go biking! There is a nice, macadam bike trail that goes from Rose Creek to LeRoy; about a 20 mile stretch. In two hours , we biked 12 miles;Six miles to Adams and 6 miles back.


The half way mark where we took a little break!


I had promised them a visit to Sassy Strawberry after we were done biking ! None of them knew what it was so it was something fun for them the look forward to .


Enjoying a refreshing treat at  Sassy Strawberry!

Duane-18 helped Austin get his Cub Cadet ‘mower’ running,much to Austin’s delight!


They even mounted a little platform on the back for an extra person to ride on but ….


….because that doesn’t work to well when mud bogging, they resort to riding on the hood! 🙂


Discussing the latest piece of resurrected machinery!

Austin took Duane and Derlyn on their first plane ride Friday afternoon! They went to the small airport in Austin where Justin, a 19 yr.old pilot , took them on a 40 minute flight in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Once in the air , Austin took control and flew over our place and a few other places in the area.Duane and Derlyn thoroughly enjoyed it and Austin was thrilled to share his love of flying with his cousins.


Lori giving Jerome and Amber a ride in the wagon!

We said good-bye to them Friday evening ,with many memories to cherish!

A Chrysler in Crisis

” We will get a car when the van gives out,” Dad had said quite a few times when the subject of getting a car would come up.


“Oh good. It looks as if we’ll be home in good time tonight ;somewhere around 6:45. ” I thought as Austin and I  started the 45 minute drive home after milking for a family who was on vacation.

Ten minutes later we were cruising along at 60 m.p.h when I suddenly noticed the rpms dropped down between 0 and 1 and my speed started decreasing. Something wasn’t right! I pulled over onto the shoulder and turned the key off on an already dead van.


I gave mom a call since we were still 30 minutes from home and I figured the shorter the wait the better since I didn’t have a book along like Austin had! Ironically enough , I was happy the van had  finally died! Now we can get a car!!! { I was waiting for this day!}


We were sitting there a few minutes when  it suddenly dawned on me that maybe we should pop the hood and at least check it out to make it look like we knew what we are doing…. There was nothing we could do but go back into the van and find something to do like read or take pictures.

I was still rejoicing that this van finally died.{totally selfish attitude I know. I’m not the one buying the car.}


I even had proof that the van was “done” !

Dad was quick to assure me that it probably was just the alternator and will be a quick fix after a visit to Darrick’s Auto in Blooming Prairie. {Aww. Seriously?!}

About an hour later mom, Kerek, and Amber come with the pickup to tow the van to the shop in Blooming Prairie. With a walkie-talkie in both vehicles we slowly headed towards town. There was no power steering and the brakes required serious leg muscle before they served their purpose.   I can only imagine the sight it must have been … A van ‘tailgating’  the pickup with a ‘driver’ that was leaning front, staring  in concentration at the tow rope for slack and a boy in the passenger seat talking on the walkie-talkie to the guy in the pickup!

We were almost into Blooming Prairie when it started to rain! It would have been fine had the van had enough of battery power to close the windows and run the wipers. But unfortunately the battery was so dead the four -ways were no longer doing their job. ” Oh boy. We are going to get soaked . ” I thought to myself . So I prayed that the rain would hold off until we got to the shop . Just as I mashed on the brake  at the shop , it just dumped rain. We were going to charge the battery enough to close the windows but had to wait until the rain slowed down. Well, God answered my prayer all right! I was so ready to get home by now. It was around 8pm and I still didn’t have supper, I was dirty,  slightly damp and tired! We made it home almost 2 hours later than what I had first thought but  I was glad that was all behind us.

We got the van  back 4 days later and I was  actually glad to be able to drive it again since the pickup or the Yukon weren’t the greatest vehicles to run all the time.

Today the van went back to the shop for the same problem. So MAYBE, just maybe that car isn’t too far off after all! =)