A Tribute to Dad

I’m so blessed to have a Christian dad who loves and cares for me.How many children today can say that they have the best dad? How many children even know their dad? How many people admire and appreciate their dad? How many children , in today’s culture, can say they have only one ‘dad’?  My dad has been there for me for 17 years ,or all my life ,and I am so thankful for his faithful commitment to our family!

Dad is great at grilling, he has impressed me with his photography skills more than once {twice to be exact}, he also has a totally Zeiset sense of humor,  a talent of imitating  and  a vivid imagination.

He would take us fishing quite often when we were younger even though most of his time was spent baiting hooks, untangling lines, taking fish off the line, or trying to dislodge a stray cast from the overhead tree branches . We wouldn’t have those fun memories had he never taken the time to do those things!

Dad is encouraging. When I want to do something new or different { like flying to Montana with a friend,for example  } I like going to him because he would encourage me to go and give it a try, whereas mom would quicker discourage an endeavor like that.:)  {Maybe it’s their roles that makes the difference} He sees my interests and encourages me in them.

He is generous and  is quick to lend a helping hand or go the extra mile.

He has taught me how to shine and chamois the vehicles and rid the interior of dirt and trash . Because of that, I like clean vehicles and  enjoy ‘transforming’ a dirty vehicle.

He also taught me how to give calves shots although I would rather let him or the boys do it.

When I was younger I would go with him on the truck  for a day trip . I remember the LOUD CB , the can of coins, looking down at the cars from my perch in the seat , and of course sleeping or playing around in the bunk!

One time he bought me a calf to raise. I raised Susie until she was 300-400 pounds {that’s a wild guess. I’m horrible with guessing the pounds of a calf}and then selling her at grandpa’s auction.

He even took me turkey hunting one time. We sat at the bottom of a tree with a camo netting over us in the quiet woods of early morning. ‘For some reason’  he had to keep reminding me to sit still ! We never saw a turkey and I never went turkey hunting again. I went deer hunting with him a couple of times to ,but we never saw a deer. It was either me or there just weren’t deer in the area!

I am so glad to have a dad who loves God,cares for his family ,loves his wife, and appreciates who I am .  Thank-you dad for all you do and are!

What If…..

* I’d be able to do anything I want all the time. Would I be happy?

*There would be absolutely no suffering in this world. Would we anticipate heaven as much if at all?

*The sun never shines. Would we be blind?

*Jesus never came to earth and died for us  . Would He be as attainable as He is today?

* We would get everything we wish for in that instant. Would we wish we didn’t wish for it?

*Animals could talk. Would they be more of a friend or enemy?

*We would know God’s will for our lives the instant we ask. Would we ever learn patience?

*We would excel in anything we try. Would we be able to see the talents in other people?

*There would be no change. Would be still be happy and content?

*Every dream would come true. Would we acknowledge God still?

*Just one person sacrifices a day for someone else. Would it stop there?

*God told me I only had one more year of life. How would I live it?

*We would all live within walking distance of each other. Would we still want to sit down and chat some evening?

*All American Christians are too busy to tell one soul of Christ’s love. Are we serving God whole heartedly?

*Everyone was blind. We could never use the phrase ‘I see’ without it being an oximoron.

*There was no way of communication.

* The Christian life would be all roses. Would it be worth it?

*I would know my future . I’m glad I don’t! I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

*Money grew on trees. Would we earn rocks instead?

*My plans are not God’s plans. Could I still be submissive and okay with that?

*We could remember everything we read. Would the Bible equal the newspaper when it comes to reciting?

* Fish would only bite nightcrawler bait. Cabelas and Bass Pro would have no fishing lures to brag about.

* The birds were quiet and the spring peepers and crickets none existent.

*We would know what people think about us and hear what they would have to say about us to others. Would we be who we are right now?

*People could read your thoughts when they look at you. What would they read? Or maybe we would be able to put up a mind blocker so others couldn’t do that.

What if these were all the possible ‘what if ‘ questions. ……

I would love to hear of some of your ‘What if ‘ questions 🙂 Use your imagination and share them by commenting!

My Amazing God

Is your God amazing? Are you awed at His work in your life and the beautiful world ,visible and invisible, that He created for us to enjoy?

I try to imagine living a life without knowing or wanting to believe in God. The only words I can come up with to describe what it would be like is hopelessness,empty ,scary, and pointless.  BUT because I have taken Christ as my personal Saviour there is hope, my life is full of God’s love for me and my desire to know more of Him, I experience peace as I trustingly hand the future to Him and  life is worth living because we know that  after our work is done here on earth and we have served our King ,we will be singing in the heavenly choir at Jesus’ throne and walking the streets of gold some sweet day.

God is amazing because He has died for me  making death only a passing shadow . He is amazing because His love never runs out and He is the same yesterday,today and forever .  He doesn’t give up on me and never will . You can see God’s majesty by looking at the galaxies , the heavens and nature.



His love for us is amazing. How often have you enjoyed an evening sunset or a gorgeous sunrise and didn’t feel awed or loved? Or the little things like a cheery flower in a random spot or the miracle of new life inspired you  .



God speaks to us by His written Word , answered prayers, a sermon or an encouraging comment through a friend. He communicates with us and by that we can find peace and assurance in any situation if we do and follow what God has called us to do .


God’s amazing because He likes to spend time with us! Do I want to spend time with Him and do I spend enough of time worshipping and praising Him? Our God is great and He needs to be magnified and lifted up so others can see His goodness and mercy.


My God is amazing because He will help me climb any mountain that I will face in my life. No matter how impossible it may look  He will give me the strength to climb it all the way to the top.

Our God is amazing because He has a plan for each of our lives and will be with us EVERY step of the way!

I love my amazing God!


STOP and worship Him right now . His ears are open to our voice and He is ready and waiting to hear from us. STOP and magnify your amazing God!

“O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt HIS name together.” Psalms 34:3