New Life and Soaring Spirits!

I love Spring ,but Summer is still my favorite! Why do I like spring ? That’s an easy question with more than one answer!

For starters, it’s a welcome relief from winter, especially a Minnesota one! I enjoy waking up to 40-50*s in the mornings and sunny ,70+*s during the day with a gentle breeze blowing. That’s the type of weather we are enjoying this week especially after a cool,rainy,and gray week last week.

When the ground warms up and the grass starts really growing,that’s when it’s great going bare -foot! As a matter of fact, Logan’s toes were enjoying freedom and he asked me to take a picture of them. How often will that happen?! Not very!


“Soaring Spirits ?” you may ask. Let me show you.


Okay, well maybe you don’t see a spirit in the air as much as a 10 year old boy ,but he {like everyone else} was so happy for warm weather  and almost felt like soaring; he tried at least.! 🙂


Not to be outdone, his sister ‘rockets’ into the warm ,spring air and sails gracefully back to earth when gravity takes over! What’s with the spring weather? It’s amazing what it does to a person! Seriously!

Rock picking. Okay, that’s not a part I love although it does feel good to reintroduce my skin to the warm sun and get out in the fields and soak up some Vitamin D. 🙂

Gardening and working in the flowerbeds. We were working in flowerbeds today and it got me excited to do our own and to start gardening. Mom and Amber did plant some of the early things in the garden already it’s just that I haven’t been out there yet! I keep telling myself when school is out in 3 weeks I’ll have more time….

New Life. I love the first flowers and green from the plants that braved and survived the winter.




Life is like Spring in several ways. It will not be ‘winter’ in your life forever although it may be hard at times to see how that could be possible . There will come a time when those trials and hard times of your ‘winter’ will give way to something beautiful and wonderful like spring after a hard ,cold winter. Like Ecclesiastes 3:1&4 says,” To everything there is a season , and a time to every purpose under the heaven; A time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.”  If you are facing something hard,or are discouraged, hurt , or struggling ,hang in there. You are not alone. Christ faced ridicule , hurt  and ill-treatment many times in his life here on earth and because He is God too, He understands your situation way better than even you do.

“Arrows go forward only after being pulled backwards; Bullets go forward only after the trigger is pulled backwards.

Every person will become happy  after facing and  triumphing over the difficulties in their life path.

So don’t be afraid to face your difficulties. They will push you forward. “

Girls, a Little Boy and Cameras!

Cameras aren’t  a necessity if you really think about it ,but it sure is great and fun to have one; especially to capture those fun times and expressions!

On Saturday {11th} I had the privilege of taking pictures of 5 of my friends and they cooperated so well they got lollipops afterwards 😉 just kidding! But it was a lot of fun and I’m glad they gave me permission to post several of their pictures!Almost makes we wish I would have done more pictures like that with my friends when I was that age!:)



Don’t you just love their expressions?!


Sleeping Beauties! Dedicated nappers nap when necessary  and in any position when that wave of exhaustion hits!:)


Feeling refreshed and active again they strike out on a walk, sharing stories and making memories! Oh, those good times with friends!:)


In case you were wondering just who these girls are, I’ll take the time now to introduce you to them!

In the tree ,on the left is Katelyn Burkholder ; next to her is her cousin Alyssa Sensenig ; at the bottom of the tree from left to right is:Nicole Weaver, Laura Wenger, and Kaitlyn Zeiset


And now for the ‘Little Boy’ part of the title!


Isn’t he a handsome little dude?! His eyes are so captivating!


Daric-5 wanted me to take a picture of him holding the ‘squirrel’, the remains of it that is! I told him to hold it by the tail and obviously by the picture he wasn’t so keen of the idea! He eagerly complied when I said he could put it down again!


A minute later he was ready for another picture. This time he held the squirrel hide the way he had first intended ~it’s one leg between two pinecones! He’s so cute!!!

The Big Sky State

There’s a first time for everything, right? Within this past week  I did several things for the first time…… and loved it!

* I flew for the first time!


My friend ,Krysta and I, flew out of Minneapolis at 9 Wednesday morning and had a straight flight to Billings Montana. I think I can honestly say I wasn’t nervous.I was excited , ready to face this challenge, and feeling quite independent! We got through security without a hitch and found  our gate in good time.


I had a window seat on the way out  and enjoyed seeing land from a different perspective!

*I saw Montana for the first time!

When we got out there, Krysta’s sister-in-law picked us up and took us shopping to a few stores in Billings.  On Thursday we stayed at their place for the day and explored the landscape and of course took pictures 🙂


It was fun to see budding trees and greener grass again!


The mountains were gorgeous ! This picture was taken out of a window which is why it isn’t very clear.



The land in the central part of Montana is more desert like. There were quite a few small cacti,   dry ,rocky soil and a several patches of  flowers!


Here’s part of the view from Jeremy and Liz’s house. They are basically surrounded with mountains. We climbed the hill behind their place to see what was on the other side which was…more rolling hills/mountains and a lone house !


This picture shows more of the landscape.

On Friday  we drove to Trout Creek, about a 7 hr. drive west, to visit Krysta’s other 2 siblings who teach out there. The landscape changed from dry and desert-like to beautiful tree covered mountains and greener grass! We saw these 4 big-horned sheep along the road. Apparently they are used to traffic because they didn’t seem too worried.



Saturday morning was foggy, cool, and wet. This mountain was to the west of Jorgan and Deanne’s house.


Here is Jorgan and Deanne’s cute little house surrounded by mountains!


Just one of the views while driving! The water was a gorgeous blue-green!


This picture is pretty much self-explanatory, I think anyway!!:)


We went hiking at Kootenai Falls Sunday afternoon! Jorgan took Krysta and I to the swinging bridge!That was fun and if there wouldn’t have been so many people ,it might have been fun to bounce it and get it swinging a little like Jorgan was threatening to do:)!!



This is the Harshbarger family I spent a wonderful 6 days with! In the back from left to right:Deanne,Liz, and Jeremy; in the front from left to right: me, Krysta , and Jorgan.

We flew home again early Tuesday morning (the 7th). It was great to get home again after almost a week of vacationing in Montana!I have many more pictures (100+)  and memories ,but I’d say the best way to actually see what it really is ,is to visit it yourself :)!! Not a bad idea either 😉

Thank – you Krysta for inviting me to go along and to the rest of the family ,for including me ! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay!

Krysta also has a blog  if you’d be interested in reading her side of the trip!  To view her blog go to  Beauty for Ashes Krysta Harshbarger .