Super Seventeen!

February 22 marked my 17th birthday! My 16th year was ‘sweet’ and now that I made it through that stage and I’m 17 I’m suppose to know who I am,right ?! (Are you serious?!)

A few things that I think will make 17 super!

*Learning to know more about God and get a better understanding of Him!

*Discover what God’s will is for me and my life at this moment!

*Spending  time with friends and family and making new friends!

*Playing volleyball or softball some summer evening with the youth or talking by a campfire!

*Pulling weeds in my garden ūüėČ I know what you’re thinking but really, it’s a great time for thinking and also life is more enjoyable when there’s not so many weeds in the garden;)

*Learning to be more patient and understanding with those that are around me!

* I think it would be ‘super’ to volunteer at a hospital or nursing home! It’s a dream that I might pursue more when school is behind me!

*Continue to dream and ‘plan’ about my visit to a Central American country where I’ll be able to eat chicken feet (just for the kicks) and of course experience the awesomeness of a trip like that!

*Go fishing and catch several large, beautiful  fish!

*Spend some time with the awesome cousins I have!

*LIVE  each day with least regrets !

*LAUGH when something embarrassing or humiliating happens to myself!

*LOVE when it’s really tough to do so !

*Enjoy life to the fullest!

*Go to Bible School in the beginning of 2016!


On Tuesday when it was a delightfully warm 30*day, I took an Honor Roll day off from school and mom filled the role of a photographer for my 17 year pictures.


Our neighbor allowed us to use his barns for photo props!



Even though we are 10 years apart; We’ll always be sisters at heart!

As seen on this picture, there was an obvious Minnesota wind! It did get cold but thankfully we were done within half an hour right before a heavy but short snowfall!

You can pray for me as I go through this year and all that’s in store for me and also as I attempt to make 17 super!

“Each day is a gift from God. Remember to thank Him!”


Red~ In Flower Form

Flowers are gorgeous no matter the time of year , but I¬† tend to appreciate flowers more¬† in the dead of winter because it’s like they are saying,” Hang in there! Time keeps moving on and Spring will soon be knocking on your door!” There is hope! I know it because God is showing¬† us in the flower form of a miracle in the middle of winter and if we take the time to appreciate the beauty of the flower we will be awed at God’s handiwork .


I got this gorgeous miniature rose from my Secret Sister for Valentines Day.¬† I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures one morning. It’s color is so true and pure. It’s not a big rose, but it still is absolutely beautiful. We don’t need to be someone ‘big’ or important to be of service for God, but we need to be True and Pure to be used of Him! That’s my desire; to be pure and true and let Him use me for His glory!


Same rose but I just had my finger over the flash . No matter how the world perceives us, may we be sincere in our walk with God.

The grass withers and the flower fades, But the word of our God STANDS FOREVER!” Isaiah 40:8

This rose is no longer as gorgeous as it was last week. For some reason it’s dying . Its leaves are falling off and the flowers are drying up (what does that say about my green thumb,but maybe it just got frozen at one point:{ ). I am disappointed because it was loaded with buds and it was so pretty, but I don’t want to give up hope because maybe ,just maybe , it’s alive at its roots yet!? Like the above verse says, the flowers fade ,but the Words of our God will never die! That is so wonderful!


Iced over windows make for a perfect backdrop! We enjoyed these tulips at school for a few short days! Flowers are so pretty in winter!


Their petals are open wide to receive the sun rays. They are looking up and getting strength from the sun; not despairing by looking down into the snow . May we look up and seek God’s will and way and not despair at the surrounding circumstances or decisions¬† we may be facing.

“For the Lord God will help me ; Therefore I will not be disgraced; therefore I have set my face like a flint , and I know that I will not be ashamed. ” Isaiah 50:7


We waited a while until this amarillas finally bloomed but when it did, it was really pretty!Isn’t that how life is? The good and best things take time ,and when we get them , we realize how¬†¬† worthwhile¬† the wait was and how good it was to practice¬† patience!


The dark times in life bring out our true beauty. We need those dark and trying times in life to perfect us and make us shine our True Light.

Happy Valentines Day!

A Few Facts about Valentines Day!

*As we all know, February 14 is when Valentines is celebrated.

* Approximately 150 million Valentines Day cards are exchanged annually making Valentines Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas.

*$20 billion are spent on/for this holiday!

*180 million red roses are sold during this time

*36 million people are presented with a heart-shaped box of chocolates!

*Valentines Day is also celebrated in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, and Australia.

* Valentines Day began to be popularly celebrated in Great Britain in the 17th century.

And so, what is your Valentines Day going to be like this year? For me, it’s just another day ,but labeled ‘Valentines Day’ , and several texts from my friends wishing me a Happy Valentines Day:)


Heart- shaped place mats ! How romantic:)IMG_0092


God is No Respector of Persons

Harbor Light Center , Twin Cities ,Minnesota

Saturday, February 7,2015    11 a.m.

As 11 of us youth {6 guys and 5 girls} walked across the street to the Harbor Light Soup Kitchen, we passed a few people smoking and just killing time outside the door. I tried not to inhale too deeply for fear of coughing from the cigarette smoke. We were welcomed graciously into the kitchen and donned on aprons and gloves to begin our work. The guys were required to wear hair nets but since we girls “are already wearing hair nets ” {our coverings} we escaped that requirement!

“Follow her,” we were told ,as Rachelle,Jessica,Krysta , and I followed Pauline, one of the cooks, to our first assignment. We entered the chapel where a Negro pastor was praying fervently with one of the 12¬† guys from the Men’s Bible Study group. With the pastor praying into a mike it was anything but quiet and getting the instructions without misunderstandings was slightly difficult. Four heads were all bent close to Pauline, a quieter -spoken woman , to hear our serving instructions! Soon the meeting was over and we thought we would be able to serve in¬† peace and quietness ,but that was not to be with ‘Negro’ music blasting over the speakers ! We four were all assigned to serve a certain food. Rachelle served the sausages ,I served the grits, Krysta served the hard-boiled eggs, and Jessica served the pastries. One guy did not like brown eggs, another one barely glanced at the grits, and still another guy got only coffee and a pastry. After the men had their fill and were finished eating, it was our turn to eat! The sausages were cool,but still delicious, the grits were really good with a packet of sugar sprinkled over them, and the small cinnamon roll was a delicious ending to a late breakfast! While we ate , it was interesting to listen to Pauline tell how some of the things work around there .

After the left-over food was cleared away, we went back into the kitchen where a few of us were assigned to putting napkins into cups. By this time , the guys were in a back room somewhere sorting out fresh [or not-so -fresh] fruit and vegetables. At 11:30, a few men came through the line for their lunch. After their half hour was up , a bigger group of ladies came through. The cafeteria wasn’t blasting with music,but it¬† wasn’t very quiet either¬† when¬† 20-30 Negro women were all talking at once .One sweet¬† lady, a Negro with dyed whitish/yellowish hair, came for a stack of napkins because one of her friends “was makin’ a big mess on the table with her salad” . Her friend was¬† an older white lady who I had seen put a couple dipper fulls of French dressing on her salad. Apparently the dressing wasn’t staying on the salad and was messing up the table! I was impressed with this other lady’s consideration to her friend.From previous observation, the white lady was apparently having a bad day and wore a sour attitude,but her friend still showed kindness!¬† ¬† There were a handful of white people ,but the majority were¬† Negro’s, including the staff! The women took a little longer to finish and Krysta and I had to quickly wipe off all the tables while the men¬† impatiently waited in line for their lunch ! They weren’t impressed to have to wait on us! There were about 50 men. Now I will say here that the people we served were not off the street. They were people who were either in Harbor Light programs or/and housed in Harbor Light. The soup kitchen opens to the public for supper at 6 and that’s when the real homeless come in. At one point the security guard asked me what I thought of it so far . My answer was,”It’s interesting.” He grinned and said,”It is interesting , but wait until evening ! That’s when it gets really interesting!”¬† Now I’m really curious and hope I’ll be able to serve the evening shift sometime:)

So at 12:45 the Salvation Army volunteer lady, took our group up to floor 5 where people rent apartments . Up there,Rose ,a resident and worker at Harbor Light ,told us her life story and how she came to Harbor Light and how God worked and¬† is still working in her life . Her background was not pretty¬† and she had cancer twice and is at risk of getting it again. She went through a lot in her 51 years but her faith and trust in God is strong.¬† She said” I fast¬† as often as I can¬† and I pray because I know that God is the Healer and that He can heal my body .” I was inspired by her testimony and walk with God¬† and was reminded again how interesting Heaven will be with all the kinds of God’s children that will be there:) I am also so very blessed to be as sheltered as I am from what all happens out in the world. I’m afraid it’s something I take too much for granted.

We walked from the building around 1:20 .Ironically enough,  the thing highest on all our minds was FOOD! After some time of city driving , we finally found a  Chipotle and some enjoyed tacos while others, like myself, enjoyed a giant burrito.

At 3 pm we were headed south again and were home by 5! I enjoyed the day and I was glad for the opportunity our youth had  to volunteer at Harbor Light!

Friday Fun

It was Friday,  a day off from school!  In the afternoon Krysta and I met some friends and went skating in Kasson.


front from left to right:Hong ,Seema, and Wenyi Scott

back row left to right: Josie, Krysta and I

We shared the ice with many others but at that time I guess the others were else where!

We skated for 1.5 short hours and enjoyed it emensily !

After the skating , we went to the Scotts home and had a tea party!


Jenny served us delicious Pistachio Pudding cake , Ice cream and tea on antique china!


Tea Time!


To top it off, we even had some music) Hong did a wonderful job at playing the piano !

It was a fun day and we made many memories! Bed felt really good  that night!:)