FRIENDS Add Color to Life

“FRIENDSHIP isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things!

I am so very blessed to have many wonderful friends in my life! From little people who think I’m someone pretty special to wonderful cousins and friends just my age , younger or older, who I can laugh and have fun with, not to mention all those older friends like aunts , grandmas and other woman, who encourage me in little ways and make life wonderful just by being in it! Thank -you for being a wonderful person in my life!:)


“Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends!”


These are all my girl cousins on mom’s side of the family!{ The girl in the far right corner is my cousin’s girlfriend} . We feel a bit outnumbered with  21 boy cousins:)


Oh these other wonderful cousins! We three :Delores -19 {in the back}; Janelle -17; and myself -16; have done many things together and have many great memories! We are the three oldest on dad’s side of the family {if you are interested in family facts:) }


“Many people will walk in and out of your life;-but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart!”


Krysta and I picked rock this past spring for a farmer near-by and met this wonderful young lady when we were assigned to pick rock with her! Seema was adopted from India 4 years ago and is just a week or two younger than I am! She is a great friend {so is Krysta;)} and I am so glad I have met her and her two Chinese sisters:)


One warm,gorgeous fall day, I took these girls biking! We biked quite a few miles and were about beat when we got back! But also came back with pictures and good memories:)


I met Frandy for the first time at Christmas! We hit it off really good and I can’t wait to see where she lives in South Dakota.. sometime.! I just love her personality and character!


This picture was taken two summers ago, but they are still my friends;)!!!!!!!!! and we haven’t changed too much! We four are  all within 5 months apart in age and all attend Prairie Church! Pretty cool!


Last Friday ,Krysta ,Jess , and I had gone shopping at the Apache Mall in Rochester for a few hours until 2:15 when the first term Bible School students gave their program there in the mall.The Barnes and Noble Bookstore was really interesting and I didn’t venture around much because there were so many interesting books to page through {and read}:)


Playing ImaginIff with more friends! If you can’t be at a family gathering  and playing games with cousins  on Christmas , at least you can be with friends and enjoy spending time with them!:)!

Back when I was little; I had a bad hair style taste! That picture was taken on the day I was baptized which was almost 3 years ago! I was 14 and my cousin Kaitlyn was 9!

Back when I was little; I had a bad hair style taste! That picture was taken on the day I was baptized which was almost 3 years ago! I was 14 and my cousin Kaitlyn was 9!

Yes, this picture is old and I didn’t become younger as the years went on ,but I thought I’d put this one in because it’s interesting to look back and Kaitlyn is one of my friends!

These people are just a tiny percentage of all the friends I have!! Friends are so important !! There’s no chance I will become a hermit because I love my friends and can’t imagine living without them 🙂  I didn’t put a picture of our youth group in ,but they are also a great group of friends to hang out  and do fun stuff with!!


Piglet sidled  up to Pooh.”Pooh!’ he whispered. “Yes, Piglet?” “Nothing,” said Piglet, Taking Pooh’s paw. ” I just wanted to be sure of you!” -A.A.Milne


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