“Amber, where is he?”I question as I see an open cage door and no hamster.

“It’s a she and I don’t know where she is,”Amber replies defiantly trying to look causal as she scouts out under the sofa. It wasn’t the first time it had happened!


Sparky had died a few weeks previously from a tumor  and the cage was empty  and the wheel silent. Amber missed having a handful of energy to play with and wished for another hamster.

A visit to the pet store to check hamster prices soon followed.

” Amber, do you have $15 ?”Mom asked.

Amber’s answer was no. She did not have $15.

This created some worry on Amber’s part. How was she going to earn $15?

“Mom , what can I do to get $15?” Amber asked.

” Pray, “mom said, “God always answers prayers!”

And so, Amber prayed ;not for a hamster ,but for $15.


Her prayer was forgotten with the pain of appendicitis and an exciting hospital stay.

A card from Grandma! How exciting ! As she opened the card, a check fell out !! A check for $15!!!!!

“Mom! God answered my prayer!!!”she said in an awed voice after mom told her the value of the check.

And so, that’s how Frosty, a pure white hamster, came to be; an answer to a little girls prayer!

White ~the color of answered prayer

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