FRIENDS Add Color to Life

“FRIENDSHIP isn’t a big thing. It’s a million little things!

I am so very blessed to have many wonderful friends in my life! From little people who think I’m someone pretty special to wonderful cousins and friends just my age , younger or older, who I can laugh and have fun with, not to mention all those older friends like aunts , grandmas and other woman, who encourage me in little ways and make life wonderful just by being in it! Thank -you for being a wonderful person in my life!:)


“Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends!”


These are all my girl cousins on mom’s side of the family!{ The girl in the far right corner is my cousin’s girlfriend} . We feel a bit outnumbered with  21 boy cousins:)


Oh these other wonderful cousins! We three :Delores -19 {in the back}; Janelle -17; and myself -16; have done many things together and have many great memories! We are the three oldest on dad’s side of the family {if you are interested in family facts:) }


“Many people will walk in and out of your life;-but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart!”


Krysta and I picked rock this past spring for a farmer near-by and met this wonderful young lady when we were assigned to pick rock with her! Seema was adopted from India 4 years ago and is just a week or two younger than I am! She is a great friend {so is Krysta;)} and I am so glad I have met her and her two Chinese sisters:)


One warm,gorgeous fall day, I took these girls biking! We biked quite a few miles and were about beat when we got back! But also came back with pictures and good memories:)


I met Frandy for the first time at Christmas! We hit it off really good and I can’t wait to see where she lives in South Dakota.. sometime.! I just love her personality and character!


This picture was taken two summers ago, but they are still my friends;)!!!!!!!!! and we haven’t changed too much! We four are  all within 5 months apart in age and all attend Prairie Church! Pretty cool!


Last Friday ,Krysta ,Jess , and I had gone shopping at the Apache Mall in Rochester for a few hours until 2:15 when the first term Bible School students gave their program there in the mall.The Barnes and Noble Bookstore was really interesting and I didn’t venture around much because there were so many interesting books to page through {and read}:)


Playing ImaginIff with more friends! If you can’t be at a family gathering  and playing games with cousins  on Christmas , at least you can be with friends and enjoy spending time with them!:)!

Back when I was little; I had a bad hair style taste! That picture was taken on the day I was baptized which was almost 3 years ago! I was 14 and my cousin Kaitlyn was 9!

Back when I was little; I had a bad hair style taste! That picture was taken on the day I was baptized which was almost 3 years ago! I was 14 and my cousin Kaitlyn was 9!

Yes, this picture is old and I didn’t become younger as the years went on ,but I thought I’d put this one in because it’s interesting to look back and Kaitlyn is one of my friends!

These people are just a tiny percentage of all the friends I have!! Friends are so important !! There’s no chance I will become a hermit because I love my friends and can’t imagine living without them 🙂  I didn’t put a picture of our youth group in ,but they are also a great group of friends to hang out  and do fun stuff with!!


Piglet sidled  up to Pooh.”Pooh!’ he whispered. “Yes, Piglet?” “Nothing,” said Piglet, Taking Pooh’s paw. ” I just wanted to be sure of you!” -A.A.Milne


White ~the color of answered prayer

“Amber, where is he?”I question as I see an open cage door and no hamster.

“It’s a she and I don’t know where she is,”Amber replies defiantly trying to look causal as she scouts out under the sofa. It wasn’t the first time it had happened!


Sparky had died a few weeks previously from a tumor  and the cage was empty  and the wheel silent. Amber missed having a handful of energy to play with and wished for another hamster.

A visit to the pet store to check hamster prices soon followed.

” Amber, do you have $15 ?”Mom asked.

Amber’s answer was no. She did not have $15.

This created some worry on Amber’s part. How was she going to earn $15?

“Mom , what can I do to get $15?” Amber asked.

” Pray, “mom said, “God always answers prayers!”

And so, Amber prayed ;not for a hamster ,but for $15.


Her prayer was forgotten with the pain of appendicitis and an exciting hospital stay.

A card from Grandma! How exciting ! As she opened the card, a check fell out !! A check for $15!!!!!

“Mom! God answered my prayer!!!”she said in an awed voice after mom told her the value of the check.

And so, that’s how Frosty, a pure white hamster, came to be; an answer to a little girls prayer!


Hello! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for taking a minute or two of your time to check this out! I hope you will enjoy the future posts!:)

Reasons for this blog:

* To have a place to write when I feel like writing!

*To encourage and inspire others

*to tell a little bit of what happens around here!

A Few Facts About Myself:

1. I am left-handed

2.I am in my last year of school !!!!

3.I enjoy the outdoors and gardening.

4.I am the oldest granddaughter on mom’s side and the 3rd oldest on dad’s side of the family.

5.I’m not a huge fan of shopping.

6.I’m not crazy about chocolate either. {I know ,somethings wrong with me, right?! I have heard that before:)}

7. I have dreams of going on the Mission field. Possibly to a central American country!

8. I enjoy volunteering my help to those that could use a hand.

9.Think it would be fun to be a  teacher some day.

10. Summer is my favorite season!

11. Go to Prairie Mennonite Church in Blooming Prairie ,Mn.

12. I love skating in the winter when I get the chance.

13. I have a job of feeding calves with my brother, up  at our neighbor mostly every evening and some mornings.

14. I took Spanish in 10th grade ,but can’t hold a conversation.

15. I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.

16. My Birthday is February 22,1998.

17. I enjoy photography, although nature pictures are easier than people pics unless the people pics are caught at random. ! {in other words, I’m not very good at posing people!}

18. I don’t play any musical instruments. I think it would be cool ,but I don’t have the talent or patience to learn anything complicated! Maybe someday when I’m bored;)

19. I have 3 brothers ages 15,14,9 and a sister age 7!

20. I like fishing when I can catch something~preferably a fish!

21. I’m a Christian and can’t wait to see what God has in store for me!

Well, there’s a tidbit of who I am slightly and maybe you”ll get to ‘know’ me better {if you don’t already}after some more posts.